Carrom Pool mod APK is a very fun game, similar to the classic billiards, in which you will have to put away discs of the same color in each of the holes present on the board. In this way, the player who first manages to remove all his discs from the surface will win. No wonder people want to look for Carrom Pool mod APK unlimited coins and gems download.

Carrom Pool mod APK unlimited coins and gems download.

The mechanics of Carrom Pool mod APK 2020 are quite simple and this is one of the factors that make this game an addictive title. We just have to look at whether we have been assigned the white or black chips. After that, our mission will be to hit them to get each one into a hole in the board. To facilitate the count, the score will be shown at all times under our photo at the top of the interface.

The control system is intuitive: First of all, we have to touch on the surface of the device to locate its position. And then, we just have to move our finger to mark the trajectory and release it when we want to execute the launch.

Carrom Pool mod APK unlimited coins and gems download.

In Carrom Pool mod APK Android 1, the player who finishes first with the chips of his color will win. It should also be noted that the winner will get hold of the coin jackpot that is in play during each game. In short, we are looking at a game that will make you spend great moments of fun trying to beat each of the rivals.

Carrom Pool Mod APK 2020 Description

Carrom Pool mod APK Android 1 is a board game application that is entertaining people from all over the world. It is an amazing and popular indoor game in many subcontinent countries, including Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

The gameplay is pretty easy with clean controls with great elements, where players can experience great fun. The 2 main modes in Carrom Pool are dice pool mode and classic mode. It is a multiplayer game that can be played with friends and people on social networks around the world.

Carrom Pool mod APK Android 1 Features

There are 2 game modes for multiplayer games: Disc Pool and Carom.

  • Play with friends.
  • Compete with the best players.
  • Try your luck in Gold Shot every day and earn great rewards.
  • Play around the world in glorious surroundings.
  • Easy to control.
  • Realistic physics.
  • Unlock wide strikers and discs.
  • Supports offline
  • Win a free victory chest with exciting prizes.
  • Update your striker.
  • Completely free.
  • Get unlimited coins.
  • Get unlimited games.
  • Items and discs are unlocked

Carrom Pool Mod APK Unlimited Coins and Gems Download 4.0.2

Free Carrom Pool mod APK unlimited coins and gems download 4.0.2 2020 is the latest version. The game is fully modded and you can download Carrom Pool mod APK 2020 for free. You get a high-speed download for Carrom Pool mod APK Android 1 which is the latest version. There are no advertisements, the game is fully unlocked, unlimited, and much more.

Carrom Pool mod APK unlimited coins and gems download.

Carrom Pool mod APK: If you want fun multiplayer mobile games then Carrom Pool is just the game for you. Play it using simple management and easy controls. You can compete with friends or numerous players around the globe. It has many options and efficiency. The game also has a terrific user interface design.

Carrom Pool Mod APK Download


Version: 4.0.2
Updated: 27 April 2020
Requirements: Android 4.1 and up
Size: 27Mb

How to install Carrom Pool mod APK unlimited coins and gems download?

  • First, you must download the latest version of this application.
  • Before installing it, make sure that the unknown sources option of your device is enabled. If it is not enabled, go to settings-> security-> enable unknown sources option.
  • Now download the Carrom Pool mod APK file and open it to install it.
  • Open the APK file and tap the install button. Make sure your antivirus does not interfere
  • Wait for just a bit until the installation is complete. You may now enjoy the Carrom Pool with other people.


Carrom Pool mod APK unlimited coins and gems download is a super fun multiplayer board game that is very easy to play. This game is very easy to use. The player who can dispose of all his chips wins the game first. The list of features is one of the most interesting aspects of the game so that players can enjoy each part of the game very comfortably.

Carrom Pool mod APK unlimited coins and gems download

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