Ludo is an old strategy board game for 2 to four players. It was originated from the traditional game called Pachisi from India, but with a simpler rule. There are a lot of versions of the game in different countries in Asia with various names.

As technology is getting more and more advance traditional board games are starting to lose its place, including Ludo, as people don't have time to gather together anymore. But there is still another option, you can play Ludo on the PC with your friends. Keep reading to learn more about Ludo game download for PC in India.

ludo Game
Ludo is a fun traditional game originated from the game Pachisi in India

1. Ludo Game Download For PC - Ludo King For PC Introduction

In order for people who still love to play their childhood games, the Indian studio Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd has created a digital version of the game called Ludo King so people can play it online with their friends anytime, any place. Among Ludo games free download for PC, Ludo King is the best game.

At first, they released the game in 2016 for mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone. Later in the same year, they released another version for PC. All these versions are totally free but of course, there are microtransactions in the game that you can purchase with real money.

ludo game download for pc
Ludo game download for PC - The board of a Ludo game consists of 4 bases, 4 homes

Ludo game download for PC: Rules

Each player has 4 tokens. The main goal of the game is to move all those tokens from the starting point to the center of the board by rolling a dice. The first player who can achieve that goal is the winner. The game is really simple and anyone can learn how to play it within a few minutes. Here are all the rules:

  • 4 tokens start at the base and can only be moved out if the player rolls a six.
  • A token can move the same number of steps as the number on the dice after being rolled. You can choose any token on the field to move.
  • If a player rolls a six, they can roll again. But if a player rolls six 3 times in a row, their third roll will be skipped.
  • A player can kick the token of another player back to the base by stopping one of their tokens at the same grid as one of yours. If they do, they will gain one more roll.
  • However, all the colored grids and star grids are safe places for all tokens.
  • The first player who can move all their tokens home is the winner.

Ludo game download for PC: Game modes

There is a total of 4 game modes in Ludo King.

ludo king for pc
There is a total of 4 game modes in Ludo King, Computer, Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer, Play with friends
  • This mode allows you to play with computers and doesn't require an Internet connection.
  • Local Multiplayer: This mode allows you to play with your friends offline with only 1 device.
  • Online Multiplayer: This mode lets you play with other people online from everywhere around the world.
  • Play with friends: this mode allows you to create a private room or join a private room created by your friends.

2. Ludo Game Download For PC - Winning Strategies

While Ludo seems to be a game that purely based on luck, it does require you to make the right decision to get the most out of what you have. Especially when there are 4 players, the game can be fairly complicated and competitive.

ludo game download for pc free
A Ludo game can become quite chaotic and complicated, especially with 4 players

These are things you need to know to make the best moves when playing Ludo King for PC.

  • Always keeps your tokens 7 grids ahead of other players' tokens or in the safe zone. Since the max number on a dice is 6, it is less likely that your opponent will be able to take out your token.
  • Always goes for a kill and send other players' tokens back to the base since you will have another roll if you do. Sending your opponent's tokens back to their base will give them a massive disadvantage and help you win the game.
  • Make the right priority such as get your tokens out to the field immediately when you get a six. Also, if your opponent is chasing behind one of your tokens, it is better to move that token to get far ahead than moving other tokens.
  • Wait in the safe zone until your opponent's tokens go past you. By doing this, you can pressure back to your opponent while keeping your tokens safe.
  • Use diamonds to re-roll. In Ludo King for PC, you can use diamonds to reroll your dice if you don't like the result. But diamonds can only be bought by real money through the store. Beware of scam sites that promise to give you diamonds for free. Not only Ludo King but other games also have scam sites like this as well.

3. Ludo King Game Download For PC

There are 2 ways for you to download Ludo game for PC, you can use the Ludo King PC version on Microsoft Store or use an emulator to play the mobile Ludo King version on PC.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is available for every PC with Windows 10. After launching the app, type 'Ludo King' in the search bar and you will find the game. The game should be available for free so you can just press install to download it to your PC.

ludo king for pc
Ludo game download for PC - The game will look distorted on PC and unplayable if you don't adjust it

However, you won't be able to play the game in landscape mode. You will have to adjust the window of the game to make it a portrait window to play normally.

ludo king for pc
You can adjust the border of the game to play it normally

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You can also use an Android emulator to play the mobile version of Ludo King from Google Play Store. I recommend you use Nox or BlueStack emulator to play the mobile version on your PC as these are the best two Android emulators right now.

ludo king for pc
Ludo game download for PC - You can use Nox or BlueStack emulator to play Ludo King on PCs

You can directly download Ludo King from Google Play Store and play it on your PC using one of these emulators.