8 Ball Pool is one of the most popular mobile games in India because it is easy to play, accessible to everyone while also providing a competitive environment for users. 8 Ball Pool is just as popular as many mobile esports India such as PUBG Mobile, which has the huge PMCO 2020 tournament.

The game features its own in-game currency such as cash and coin (chip) so players can buy in-game items to buy avatars, surprise boxes, upgrade their cues. There are several ways in the game for players to get coins but the amount you can get every day is very limited without investing real money. Some players even try to search for 8 Ball Pool hack generator to get coins and cash for free on the internet.

 8 Ball Pool shop
8 Ball Pool has lots of stuff for players to buy from their shop

The truth about 8 Ball Pool hack generator sites

No matter how much you want to get more coins and cash in 8 Ball Pool, don't ever believe in sites that advertise themselves as "8 Ball Pool hack coins online". They will definitely not give you anything, and that is already the best scenario. 

fake 8 Ball Pool Hack Generator site
This is a fake 8 Ball Pool login site that they use to steal your account (look at the URL)

If you have tried one 8 Ball Pool hack generator online site before, you must have encountered the part where the site tells you to complete a survey before you can get your coin and you get stuck there forever without getting anything. That is one of their tricks to make you earn money for them. While these sites waste some of your time watching advertisements and give you back nothing, they are not the worst.

If you can find an 8 Ball Pool coins generator without human verification on the internet, it might even bring you more serious consequences. They will try to steal your private information such as your credit card information, e-mail, your money, or your in-game account.

8 Ball Pool Hack Generator site
At best, these 8 Ball Pool Hack Generator sites will only make you watch some ads. At worst they will steal your account and money

There are a few tricks going around from people to people to get free coins but you will get banned if Miniclip finds out as they stated on their website. But don't you think that some random strangers in the game or on the internet will show you how to do it. If someone tells you that they can give you cash, they are lying because in-game cash cannot be transferred.

Tips and Tricks to earn coins in 8 Ball Pool quickly

WithThere are daily events and challenges for you to get rewards for free. You can get also coins from winning matches and leveling up. These 2 ways are the main ways for you to get coins in the game for free. The game also allows players to watch advertisements to get some coins so you don't have to use a fake 8 Ball Pool hack coins online site waste your time watching ads there.

free coins in 8 Ball Pool
8 Ball Pool gives you daily rewards and missions for you to get free coins every day, you can also watch ads to get coins

You can also buy cash indirectly from legit online sellers who have their own way to buy coins cheaper since the price of coins in different countries is varied.

Another trick is that you can use 2 mobile phones to play with yourself or ask a friend of yours to play against you using clone accounts.

8 ball pool tournament
Winning games and get a high placement in your League is the best way to get coins and the only way to get cash

As for cash, you can only get cash by winning League matches or purchasing with real money. The higher your placement in your League, the more cash you can get.

Some 8 Ball Pool hack generator scam sites you should avoid

The reason why I mention this is because these sites look really professional with the cool animations that can easily convince anyone that they are legit. 


fake 8 ball pool hack hackernoon
The front page of Hackernoon, a fake 8 Ball Pool hack generator that looks really professional and real

hackernoon fake 8 Ball Pool Hack Generator
They promised to give you tons of chips and cash in 8 Ball Pool with a few simple clicks

fake animation 8 Ball Pool Hack Generator
You will see some pretty cool animations after pressing the generating button

8 Ball Pool Hack Generator human verification
Of course, as the last step, they tell you do do the human verification that will give you absolutely nothing but ads

Don't even bother trying and waste your time because we have already tried lots of time already so you don't have to.


Here is another site that also invested quite some time to make the scam believable.

Image 9 8 Ball Pool Hack Generator
This site requires you to connect your account and all to make things look real

fake comment in 8 Ball Pool Hack Generator
They even create fakes comments to make people think that this site actually works

fake notification in 8 Ball Pool Hack Generator
I entered a random fake name and of course, it is still connected "successfully"

fake processing animations in 8 Ball Pool Hack Generator
Of course, there will always have fake processing animations to make people thinks that the hack is working

human verification 8 Ball Pool Hack Generator
One last step that you will find in almost every 8 Ball Pool hack generator site, Human Verification

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