As you might already know, the PMCO 2020 will pick out 9 teams to go to the PUBG Mobile Pro League along with 5 other invited teams Soul, Entity Gaming, INS, IND, SynerGE. However, team INS has disbanded, leaving a blank slot. People have been guessing which team will be filling into that slot. Some said it would be Fnatic but it is apparently not true.

Sc0utOP said that ETG.Brawlers will take the slot of INS in the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia

In a recent stream of 8bit Thug,  he and the star player of Fnatic Sc0utOP has revealed that ETG.Brawlers will be in that slot for the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia. However, this leads to another conflict. A part of the reason why INS can't go to the PUBG  Mobile Pro League is that they are from the same organization as IND. This is the same case with ETG.Brawlers and Entity Gaming. ETG.Brawlers also belongs to the Entity organization.

En Pmco India Regional Finals Day 2 Spring Split P
Macros Gaming went 5th place in the PMCO 2020 India Finals

Another thing that doesn't add up is that ETG.Brawlers wasn't the next team in line to be qualified for the PUBG Mobile Pro League. It was Zero Degree (now Macros Gaming) who went 6th place in the PMCO 2019 Fall Split India. While ETG.Brawlers was also a great team with an aggressive playstyle, they only went 7th place in the last PMCO season. But as we can see, Macros Gaming joined the PMCO and qualified for the PUBG Mobile Pro League by taking the 5th place in the Finals.

80431 Brawlers 1
ETG.Brawlers went 7th place in the PMCO Fall Split

So if ETG.Brawlers is true to be the team who gets the direct invitation to the PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia then they will have to leave Entity.

There has been no official confirmation from PUBG Mobile about this matter yet, but this news does seem to be the truth