In PUBG Mobile, people make the most stupid mistakes all the time and die in the most hilarious way possible. But no one could have thought that such incidents could happen in one of the world's biggest PUBG Mobile tournaments, the PMCO 2020. You can check out that moment in the video below.

During the PMCO 2020 Middle East and North Africa Group Stage, a player named Rehman from team MEA Alpha from Lebanon made a deadly and hilarious mistake that cost him a game.

Watch Most Funniest Moment In Pmco History Hilario
Rehman takes down JORsqALi but then forget that there is still another player alive

It was the third match between Group A and Group C on Mirama. Rehman was in the final circle as the only survivor of his team against 2 other players. Needless to say, the situation was super tense for him, so much that after he took down one player, he forgot that there was still one other player left. After taking down JORsqALi, the player ran into the middle of the circle in wide-open space, thinking that he had won and started to shoot at the sky with his M249.

Watch Most Funniest Moment In Pmco History Hilario
Rehman shooting at the sky because he thinks he the match is over

He has made himself into the easiest target in the world and of course, the other player didn't miss his chance and took him down, causing a huge confusion for both the viewers, casters and Rehman.

No one could have ever anticipated that situation and everyone was stunned.

Even though MEA Alpha didn't get the Chicken Dinner that matches, they are still on top of the leaderboard and will likely to process to the Semi-finals.

The PMCO 2020 India Group Stage and Semi-finals have already concluded. The Finals will be starting soon in March. Stay tuned and check it out.