Free Fire hack is one of the hottest topics that draw the attention of many players. Apart from searching for how to hack Free Fire diamond, get unlimited health and a lot of unfair features to get that booyah moment, a lot of players now also want to hack free fire account of others to steal their diamonds. If you’re curious about how to hack free fire id, keep scrolling down as there are a lot of things you need to know.

Free fire id hack
Is Free Fire ID hack possible and how hackers steal your account, keep reading to find the answer!

What is Free Fire ID hack

In general, Free Fire ID hack is using tricks to steal the game accounts of other players for dirty purposes. There are several ways for a hacker to get Free Fire ID and password of other players. By hacking Free Fire accounts, hackers can take advantage of the account for their online scams, sending Free Fire diamonds to their account by buying gifts.

Over the past year, Free Fire ID hack has been one of the most sizzling issues among the gaming community as there are a lot of players reported that their game accounts have been stolen by hackers. It takes a lot of times and effort to recover an account and when they were unable to take it back but all of their diamond has gone.

Most common Free Fire ID hack online tricks

1. Via social media account

The most popular way to hack Free Fire ID is by hacking the player's social media account. As you may know, most Free Fire accounts are linked to a Facebook or Twitter account. By taking up your social media account, hackers can easily log in to your game account.

Free Fire Id Hack
Hackers will send you a fake link and invite you to log in to get rewards

To hack a Facebook account, normally, hackers will use the phishing trick to send a link disguising the Facebook login page. They will send it to other players and invite them to log in and claim free gifts. By logging the fake Facebook page, you’re sending you Facebook ID and password to the hacker with which they can steal both your Facebook account and Free Fire account.

Free Fire Id Hack 2
Be aware of the face Facebook page you're logging into as the address is not the authentic one.

2. By submitting a fake account loss report

As one of the biggest game developers, Garena knows how to secure their players' accounts from hackers. In general, hackers cannot steal your account only with your in-game name and ID. However, if you provide more than that about your Free Fire ID information, your account can be hacked easily.

The most common way to steal player detailed info is via scam websites. There are a lot of websites These Free Fire ID hack websites promise players to give them free diamonds just by filling in their ID, in-game name, emails and some other personal information. However, players who are lured into the trap not only receive no diamond but also face the risk of losing their account into the hand of hackers. Once getting the information about your game account, hacker will file an account loss report to Garena to restore it.

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Hackers can take advantage of holes in Garena policy to steal your account

Tips to avoid Free Fire ID hack

To protect your account from being hacked, there are some important things you need to do as follows:

  • Do not disclose your game password to anyone or give your phone, your account to other players including your friends
  • Do not try to do download untrusted free fire id hacking app or suspicious links
  • Be cautious with Free Fire mod apk app as your game data can be stolen while logging in the app
  • Set up extra security for your Social media account especially the two-factor authentication mode for your Facebook account. By turning on the mode, you will not only put in your password but also a code that is sent to your phone or via an authentication app.
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Set-up two-factor authenticator is one of the most effective ways to protect your account from Free Fire ID hack

While trying to secure your account from Free Fire ID hack, you should never try to hack the ID of other players. Garena Free Fire pays no tolerance to any cheating players. Any player who are detected to be cheating in every way will receive punishment from the game and their account can be blocked permanently.

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