To all gamers who find out that games have become an important part of your life, do you agree that you’re spending all of your resources on video games? It’s not only about time but also money. How many rupees have you spent on buying clothes and skins in the game? Do you want to take it back? If playing games is your biggest passion, why not take it as a serious profession and make money from it? In case you have no idea of how to make money from playing games, we’re here to tell you the answers!

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1. Playing in tournaments

If you’re really good at playing games and want to take it as a serious career, register for online and offline tournaments as the rewards are coveted. There are a lot of online tournaments conducted all year round while offline and official tournaments of popular games like PUBG Mobile or Free Fire are also a great chance where you can improve your skills and earn extra rupees at the same time.

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2. Sell in-game items and game account

This is the most popular way for gamers to make money from playing games. If you only want to take it as your hobby, you can try to collect in-game currency by completing missions, promotions then sell your accounts or sell virtual items as gifts to other players and get real money from it. However, please note that money trading is illegal but you might get banned from the game as being discovered.

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3. Become a streamer or gaming influencer

Apart from spending time playing games, watching streaming and gameplay videos also takes you hours in a day. Why not turn yourself into a streamer or gaming influencer like them as a streamer can rack up lakhs of rupees in a month. Getting started with a streaming platform like Twitch or Youtube is a great start. In fact, you don’t have to be really good at playing games to be a streamer. A great sense of humor and flexibility do a matter.

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4. Become a playtester

If playing games is what you're good at, why not join the gaming industry by becoming a tester? As many gaming companies are seeking testers who work remotely, you can look up for the information on the internet and register if you meet their requirements. By working as a playtester, you will have a chance to experience the latest version of the game first hand, test all the features and file reports on it.


5. Write for games

If writing is your fort, you can choose to write about games by creating a personal gaming blog or register to be a content collaborator for gaming website or magazine. There are a lot of opportunities opened for gamers and you can look for them just by a few clicks on Google.

Above are some of the most popular ways of how to make money from playing games. Test everything you’re capable of to know what can work and start making money from your hobby right now!