In fact, there are two major channels of How to sell PUBG Mobile account or any other video game accounts. The first way is selling via a dealer and the second one is PvP selling (player vs player). Today, we will introduce to how these two channels work, what is the pros and cons and what you need to know before making your account for sale!

How To Sell PUBG Mobile Account
How to sell PUBG Mobile account and avoid being scammed?

Is selling PUBG Mobile account legal?

Before selling your PUBG Mobile account, please remember to unlink your social media account from the game to protect your privacy and personal information. Here is the full instruction: PUBG Mobile Ban In India: How To Unlink Your Account From Facebook Or Twitter

As the game account trading market in general and PUBG Mobile account trading, in particular, appears to be an underground market, most players are hesitant and confused when they want to sell their accounts and in-game goods. Before making your account for sale, please note that PUBG Mobile does not encourage the act of virtual goods and currency trading as it is mentioned in its terms of service.

Although it is not something illegal and of course you won’t be imprisoned for just selling a game account, please keep in mind that your PUBG Mobile account might be banned permanently once the game anti-cheat team discovers the online fraud.

How To Sell PUBG Mobile Account

How to sell PUBG Mobile account

Sell PUBG mobile account via a dealer

In fact, there are many websites which are specialized for game accouns and items trading where sellers come to make their account for sale.Some of the most popular websites to sell PUBG Mobile account are PlayerAuctions, Gamermarkt or PlayerUp.

By selling your account via a third party, both the seller and buyer can avoid scam and unexpected risks relating to the transaction. However, please note that you will need to pay the fee for the websites if your deal is successful. The fee is around 4-11% depending on the types of items and transactions you have.

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How To Sell PUBG Mobile Account

These websites go with the same method as you will need to register an account and create a topic in which you can put all of the details of your game account and the minimum prize. Make sure you list out all the items and available functions of your account and the price is reasonable.

Sell PUBG mobile account directly to other players (PvP selling)

There are so many ways to find a buyer who is on-demand for PUBG mobile accounts on the internet especially on social media. There are a lot of groups for PUBG mobile buy and sell on Facebook, WhatsApp, or discord where people come to trade their game accounts.

How To Sell PUBG Mobile Account

While you don’t have to pay a fee for the dealer, please note that you will face a higher risk of scrambling when selling your game account to someone you do not know and vice versa to the buyer. To avoid the threat, please check their details carefully and ask for a deposit before giving away your ID and password!

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