Being a social game, PUBG Mobile is not only the place we come to kill but also where we can get connected to other people. In fact, the game turns out to be a great chance for us to foster our real-life friendships and sending gifts to your friends in one of the best ways to enhance both the on-and-off-game synergy.

As the game includes so many features as their are a lot of sections, tabs, and buttons, not everyone can able to find how to send gifts in PUBG Mobile on their own. In this article, we will not show you clear and easy steps of how to send a gift in PUBG Mobile but also explain what kind of gifts can you give to your friends. In addition to that, there are also some requirements you need to meet to be able to send gifts in-game so keep on reading!

how to send gifts in pubg mobile
Every player need to know how to send gifts on PUBG mobile

What are the types of gifts in PUBG Mobile?

Players in PUBG Mobile can send cash and other items like weapons, skins, and characters to people in their game friend list.

Although you can send cash to your friends, please note that there will be a daily limit to avoid the risk of real money trading or scams. Meanwhile, only items that are not included in the loot boxes for other players can be sent as gifts. However, you can only send it to them at the time you purchase it. It means that offloading something you do not need to your friends is impossible!

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how to send gifts in pubg mobile
Not every item in PUBG Mobile inventory can be sent as gifts and we will show you how to check before purchasing it for your friends

How to send gifts in PUBG Mobile

How to send cash to your friends in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has various in-game currencies from UC, silver, and BP and you can send all these types to other people. Knowing how to send gifts on PUBG mobile in cash is important as sometimes you or your friends will need funds to obtain items but are unable to top up.

To send cash to your friends in PUBG Mobile, please follow a few steps below:

  • Open the homepage, tap on the small arrow on the left and go to your Friend List
  • Choose the friend you want to send cash to, tap on the ‘Send a Gift’ button. You will see a list of icons corresponding to the amount of BP, silver or UC you can send to them
  • Chose the types and amount of cash you want to send as gifts, put in your message (if any) and tap ‘Give’
how to send gifts in pubg mobile
How to send gifts to friends in PUBG Mobile with cash

How to send skins in PUBG Mobile

As not every item in the shop is possible to send away as a gift, check out the small present icon when you are about to purchase any items on the online store. Therefore, please check carefully before sending your money to it.

  • To send skins and goodies in PUBG Mobile, go to the store to find the exact item you want to send and find the gift icon on the left side of the purchase button.
  • If the feature is available, tap on it and choose the friend you want to give it to.
  • Confirm your purchase and tap on the ‘Give’ button to send it away
how to send gifts in pubg mobile
How to send a gift in PUBG mobile from inventory: the item which is available as gifts will be seen with a small gift icon

Please note that crates in PUBG Mobile cannot be sent as gifts. In addition to that, to reduce the risk of illicit activities and scams, the condition to send and receive gifts is that both sides need to be on level 3 at least and have to be on each other's friend list for more than 24h.

Above is the instruction on how to send gifts in PUBG Mobile. By sending gifts to your friends in PUBG Mobile, you will not only enhance your friendship but also increase the synergy in-game.

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