PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games today. Since it offers a multitude of unique features while running smoothly on different devices, players are able to experience to its fullest capacity. However, as a newbie, you can find it confusing at times when trying to figure out which are the most efficient settings.

Although default settings work out just well, there are several modifications that you can make to maximize in-game efficiency. Remember that having the best settings doesn’t mean that you will certainly be the winner. Meanwhile, it guarantees a better head start, which surely is an advantage.

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If you are a beginner looking for the best setting for PUBG mobile, continue reading:

1. Modify graphics settings:

Although game developers usually recommend certain graphic settings, this does not always go along with every user. This is why you should optimize in-game visuals that fit you the most. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings
2. Find graphic section and tap in
3. Find graphics quality that makes you the most comfortable.

While Ultra runs perfectly on the majority of devices, Smooth will be more appropriate for low-end devices. And If you are playing on high-end devices, don’t hesitate to maximize the graphic settings by choosing Extreme.

2. PUBG Mobile controls customization

From the main screen, go to settings> Controls > Customize and rearrange all the buttons as you wish. This option enables players to customize their own Control menu. Once you enter this section, you are now free to place control buttons anywhere you find the most convenient for you.

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3. Visuals style

The same goes for visuals, you can also choose your most suitable one among different styles. All you have to do is go to Setting> Graphics where you will find these 4 options: classic, colorful, soft, and realistic. It’s the best that you give a shot to every style to find out which one benefits your in-game experience the most.

4. Turn off the mic and speakers

PUBG’s newbies often find it distracting and annoying as they hear different kinds of noise from high-pitched screams to weird echoes from other players. Besides, the overuse of profanity and vulgarity is also another unsettling element that makes it so hard for beginners to hear. Therefore, as a rookie, you had better disable both mic and speaker while playing.

here are a speaker icon and a microphone icon that you will see on when entering a match. All you need is tap on these icons and set to Off. By muting all the distracting noise, your concentration on the mission will increase.

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5. Peek from behind cover

By activating this function, you can pop your head out when you are hiding cover. This means that you are having the upper hand to shoot at your enemy. Since they only have your head to target, you have the opportunity to stay safe while taking some hits from a secured position. Go to settings > Basic, choose Enable right next to Peek & Fire, and there you go.

6. Pick up loot automatically

This function is extremely helpful in saving time and supports your concentration on the game. Turning on this setting, you only need to walk over the items to pick them up. To do that, go to settings> Pick up and enable Auto Pick-up.

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7. The angle of view alteration

The default angle of view you have is 90 degrees, which can become unfavorable at times. The good news is you can totally change it by going to Settings > Basic and adjusting to 1st Person Camera View.