Situated on the Eastside of the map, Mylta Power is a wrecked nuclear power plant, which involves a decent concentration of loots with high-quality equipment.

Mylta Power is definitely no strange place for PUBG mobile players since it is one of the most renowned towns in Erangel. Sitting at the edge of the map doesn’t cause the Power Plant to be neglected. Although Mylta Power offers a humble amount of loot compared to hot zones like the school or Pochinki, it’s one of the ideal drop areas.

Mylta Power
Mylta Power is among many notable locations featured in the first and primary map of PUBG - Erangel.

Where is Mylta Power in PUBG Mobile?

Specifically, Mylta Power is on the east coast of Erangel. The wrecked power plant is located towards the east of Woodcutter Camp and the south of Lipkova. Many people often mistake Mylta Power for Mylta (the small town nearby) but it’s actually the power plant on the eastern side of the town.

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What you can find in Mylta Power

To maximize your loots in Mylta Power, it’s better that you have a thorough understanding of its structure. As a nuclear power plant, Mylta has two enormous cooling towers, which are mostly wrecked. Standing next to these towers is a complex of reactor buildings and warehouses.

5 Best Loot Locations On Pubg Mobile Erangel Map 9
The power plant in Mylta power

If you choose Mylta as your drop spot, you should directly head to the roof of the biggest green factory which offers the most loot. As an early bird, you are likely to run into a multitude of top-quality equipment such as best machine guns, helmets, sniper rifles, and so on. After finishing sweeping the factory, you can switch to the tents surrounding it for more loot. There are also plenty of vehicles that you can find when wandering around this location.

Additionally, players can investigate nearby neighborhoods for looting opportunities. However, keep in mind that Mylta is a relatively popular spot to land, so staying vigilant is extremely important. Since the place barely has any tall buildings, gamers often find this a favorable sniper town. Therefore, one of the highly recommended tactics that you should take into account is hiding in the power plant and waiting for your prey.

Mylta After
What does it look inside the Mylta Power plant

The history of Mylta Power

Mylta Power was the powerhouse that provides electricity for the entire island. Rumour has it that it was the origin of the blue zone or electrical field which wreaked havoc on the island. Allegedly, when the rebel forces destroyed the cooling tower, it released the detrimental blue zone.

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