PUBG Mobile has been packed with exciting tournaments and events in the last several months with the PMWL Season Zero and the upcoming PMCO Fall Split. Now, PUBG Mobile is releasing an event called Incredible India to celebrate the 74th Indian Independence Day, which will bring the games tons of new skins, outfits, and rewards.

pubg incredible india
PUBG Mobile is releasing an event called Incredible India to celebrate the 74th Indian Independence Day

In the event, players can finish a total of 3 daily missions to get the PUBG Mobile Flips. You can also get Incredible Indias by answering 3 quiz questions about facts related to Incredible India.

With these Incredible India, you can use them to play  ‘Flip, Match and Win’, a game where you try to flip 2 cards with from a set of face-down cards to win prizes. If the 2 cards you flip don't match, they will be flipped face-down again so you need to memorize them. Incredible India has already started and it will stay until August 24th. Lo in PUBG Mobile and get free rewards from the event.

Incredible India Monuments
Collect all the cool wallpapers of many famous monuments in India from PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile also releases a bunch of wallpapers of many famous monuments in India for players to download such as Dal Lake, Red Fort, Victoria Memorial, Charminar, Taj Mahal, Chennai Central, Mysore Palace, Gateway of India and Hawa Mahal.

Other than the Incredible India event, PUBG Mobile had plans to release many new games mode in August and September such as Fabulous Journey Classic Mode, Fabulous Journey TDM Mode, and Exciting Giveaways.

Play the Fabulous Journey Classic Mode and the Fabulous Journey Team DeathMatch Mode to get free rewards every day

The Fabulous Journey Classic Mode is going to be released from August 20th until September 2nd. The Fabulous Journey Team DeathMatch Mode will be released from August 25 until September 3rd. Players will receive rewards such as Hand of Duat Set and Headgear, and coupon crates from the events just by playing these during those time periods.

Anarkali Set Pubg Mobile
The Anarkali Set will be one of the rewards in The Fabulous Exciting Giveaways event

The Fabulous Exciting Giveaways starts from 27th August until September 2nd. In this event. Players can get free rewards including the Anarkali Set, AG, Classic Coupon crates,... by spending UC in the game.

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