Ace and Conqueror are the two ranks that any PUBG Mobile players want to get. There are tons of benefits of being on higher ranks - from the additional free rewards, bragging rights on the internet, chances to participate in PUBG Mobile pro tournaments and the best PUBG Mobile gameplay of the top ten percent players. In this guide, we would list out all the strategies to do PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb. As the skill level of players on higher tiers is about the same, strategy alone would decide the matches.

1 - When to push your rank?

It is important to rush right away at the start of the season, after the rank reset. The games would be slightly harder, of course, as all higher tier players got reset to one rank. However, as almost all of them would be focusing on the new content of the patch or events, you would probably be able to get away with some early victory. Climb rank at the end of the season is pretty hard, as all players would be in a rush to get as many points as possible.

2 - Play duo or squad

You can definitely push your rank as a duo or squad - especially when you have a party at hand, with good communication. Playing in a team is much different than going solo, as you have a wider margin for mistakes - your teammates can revive you at any time. A good squad can overcome the weakness of any single individual - with teamwork, you can defeat a squad of better players.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb
PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb: You can push rank in a party instead of going solo like this

3 - Make use of grenades

Grenades are super important, especially in squad mode. A good fragger would be able to gain a massive advantage when raiding enemy positions - you can flush them out with a correctly thrown frag. Smoke is a pretty good utility weapon as well - you can distract enemies and cover your retreat using it.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb
You can gain a lot of advantage with smoke cover - this would disable enemy aim assist as well.

4 - How to deal with Hackers

Hackers are a big problem when trying to climb rank in PUBG Mobile - they would appear pretty frequently, as soon as you begin to play ranks. The only solution is to get to higher tiers as fast as possible - as people on top do not want to lose their accounts, not even hackers.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb
PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb: Hackers are not often encountered at the higher tiers

To reduce the chance of meeting a hacker, play any other maps than Erangel. Miramar is a good pick as hackers usually just skip that map. You could also try playing the game on late hours.

5 - Zone Prediction

Chasing zones is the #1 cause of death in PUBG Mobile - it is best that you cut down on doing it as much as possible. There is no perfect way to go around this, as luck plays too big of a factor. When pushing rank, it is best to stay on the edge of the zone, ready to move out until at least the fifth one. At that stage, you should try to find a location to camp and hold for the final fights.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb
PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb: Playing around the zones is the hardest part in PUBG Mobile

6 - Rush vs Survival

Overall, it is recommended to rush when you are at lower ranks and going against mediocre players. At higher ranks, it is best to change gradually to survival. Try to get at least 3-4 kills per match for enough plus points and improve K/D rating.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb
PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb: Getting a good K/D ratio is actually pretty important

7 - Vehicles

Try to use vehicles frequently in the early game - you would be able to move around to loot spots faster that way. These vehicles can later serve as a makeshift cover - which is extremely useful if you are on an open field.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb
PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb: Vehicles are super good at early game, however, you should not use them in the last few circles - they would give away your position

8 - PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb Requirements

You would need 3800 points to reach Ace and 4100 to reach Conqueror - it would be a pretty tough road to climb. To remains in Conqueror, however, you would need to maintain your ranks amongst the top 500 best players in the server, which is an even harder task.

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb
PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rank Climb: all the rank badges in PUBG Mobile

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