There are a lot of guns in PUBG Mobile’s arsenal, however, people usually just focus on one single type of gun (AR) and just abandon the others. To get better in PUBG Mobile, it is vital to adapt for every and all situation - there are challenges in which you have to use weapons from other classes as well.

The appearance of the Desert Eagle - they are not always Silver

If the challenge requires you to use a Pistol to get kills, the Desert Eagle is probably your best bet, as it is the strongest weapon in its class. In this article, we would list out all the details that you need to know about the Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile.

1 - Overview about the Desert Eagle

Stats of the Desert Eagle in PUBG Mobile:

  • Damage: 62
  • Rate of Fire: 31
  • Range: 31
  • Capacity: 7
  • Stability: 42

This pistol is actually one of the most damaging weapons in the game, with 62 damage per shot, and a bonus on headshots. Its low range, rate of fire and magazine capacity drag the potential of the weapon down, however, along with its massive recoil.

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Various Parts of the gun

But there is a reason that the DG is one of the most famous pistols in the world of gaming - the high damage along with the headshot bonus critical would let you kill level 2 helmet in one headshot, and level 3 helmet in two.

There are no specific locations that spawn this gun - you can only find it randomly on the map. The Deagle uses .45 ACP ammunition.

2 - Trivia about the Desert Eagle

The reason behind the Deagle’s massive power is that the gun uses the gas firing mechanic often used in rifles - and in a handgun, that results in extreme power. The real-life version of the Deagle is still hyped too much, of course, as it is not nearly as damaging as a real rifle. The gun was mainly made by Israel Military Industries.

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