High ping is one of the most irritating problems an online gamer of PUBG Mobile might have to face. In this article, we would list out all the methods for PUBG ping fix PC - after applying these simple steps, your ping issue is likely to be solved.

1 - What is Ping in PUBG Mobile/PC?

Ping is the time for a request from your side to reach the server of the game and send back a response. In online shooter games like PUBG, it plays a major role in players’ performance. Ping is also referred to as latency - it is usually shown in the left corner of the screen in PUBG

pubg pc lite ping fix
PUBG PC Lite Ping Fix

2 - Optimal ping range

If you are trying to go pro in PUBG, getting a good connection is on a pretty high priority. The lower the ping, the better your gaming experience. You would be able to see and react to your opponents the moment they appear - this might not happen if your ping is high.

  • 20-40ms: Excellent
  • 50-70ms: Good
  • 80-120ms: Average
  • 130-160ms: Decent
  • 160 -200ms: Bad
  • 200-250ms: Very bad
  • 250-300+ ms: Worst

Overall, the ping you should strive forward to get is lower than 160. Anything higher is nearly unplayable. The "ms" is an abbreviation for milliseconds. Because ping is the time required to get a response from the server, the measuring unit for that should be time-related

pubg pc lite ping fix
PUBG PC Lite Ping Fix

3 - Advantages of low ping in PUBG

There are just so many advantages of having a low ping and not a single disadvantage.

If you have a low ping, you would be able to see enemy faster, your shots would be registered early to the server (sometimes you and your enemy shoot at each other at about the same time, but only you lose HP). The speed of your gameplay would be improved as well.

If you have high ping, everything would be reverse of the above, of course.

4 - Which factors affect Ping?

The following factors directly or indirectly affect your internet connection’s speed by using the bandwidth:

  • Internet Source (WiFi/Mobile/Ethernet)
  • Auto Sync or Auto Update of Mobile.
  • Background Apps
  • Devices connected in Network
  • Mobile Gaming Booster Apps
  • WhatsApp (auto-download function)
  • Network Strength
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Distance to server

After you deal with these problems, your ability to play PUBG would definitely be improved.

pubg pc lite high ping fix
PUBG PC Lite High Ping Fix

5 - How to improve your Ping?

Below are the 4 steps to fix the ping problems in PUBG Mobile/PC

Check your Internet speed

Firstly, you would need to check the speed of your connection to the internet. The best online internet speed check tools are Speedtest.net by Ookla and Google Speed Test. You can even ping the server yourself if you managed to find its IP address on the internet. The result would be your connection speed to PUBG’s nearest server.

pubg high ping fix pc
PUBG High Ping Fix PC: Speed test is your best friend

If your ping is lower than the ping you get in-game, the problems might be your hardware and you can continue checking out the later steps. However, if your ping is just as high, the problem might be the wifi router or network itself.

Get a 5 GHz WiFi Router instead of 2.5 GHz

There are 2 types of routers available currently in the market: the 5 GHz and the 2.5 GHz. From the name, you can probably guess that the 5 GHz is much faster than its predecessor. Getting a new router might fix your issue.

Turn off Auto-Updates and Sync on your PC or Phones

PUBG Ping Fix PC
PUBG Ping Fix PC: Task Killers apps can be pretty useful

These two processes might take more data than intended when you are connected to WiFi. To fix this problem, turn off any kind of auto-updates and sync. On PC, you can open up the task manager and kill all redundant processes. In Phone, it is about the same - you can open applications and disable the running apps.

Connect to the nearest server

While data are just electrical signals, it is still under normal rules of logic. The time required to travel 100 km is obviously shorter than the time required to travel 500 km - if you connect to servers far from your location, your ping would definitely get much higher.

6 - PUBG Ping Fix PC: Conclusion

Overall, having a fast internet connection is vital in getting a better ping, and if you have tried all the above methods and still get a high ping, it is probably time to either switch internet providers or pay for a bigger internet package. Yes, it costs money, but you just can't get everything in life for free.

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