PUBG Mobile’s 0.19.0 patch has included a lot of new and exciting additions to PUBG Mobile. While the battle royale mode is still the main focus of the game, the developers have not forgotten about fans of the arcade mode, especially TDM.

This Gun Game mode is going to be a great addition to PUBG

The Library map along with its Gun game mode, which was hinted ever since the 0.17.0 patch, has finally been made available. This has been in the works for quite a while – it is not sure the reason why, as the version available in the Game For Peace Client (PUBG Mobile China) is perfectly playable months ago.

1 – Overview for PUBG Mobile’s Library mode and map

The mode can be found in the Arcade section of the game. In Library, two teams would spawn on the two sides of the square Library map. There are 4 members in each team – the team who get 18 kills with different weapons first would win.

Maxresdefault 2
There are a lot of covers everywhere

The twist in this mode is that after every kill, the gun the killer’s holding would be changed into another weapon. This is a type of challenge, as you would have to prove your skills in using all weapons in PUBG Mobile.

Maxresdefault 4
Going downstair is pretty dangerous

The library map is symmetrical, which makes it easier for players to navigate around. This leads to fast and brutal combat - and with how the map was designed, players can get kills using even a shotgun.

2 – Strategy for the Library map

The map is filled with high bookshelves and consists of two floors. Overall, you can camp behind the shelves or behind statues – or even under the staircases leading down. Most people would not expect that, and when you are holding some weak weapon, camping is the only way to get kills.

Maxresdefault 3
This is the only indoor map in the game

Beware enemies on the high ground when you are on the first floor as well.

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