PUBG Mobile has just revealed through a Twitter post an event called “Ancient Secret”. It will be available for players in-game on Aug 4. New “temple” locations would be available temporarily on Erangel and Miramar – with some rising up into the sky or even moving around. There would also be an “Egyptian Pharaoh” theme event, in which players can solve riddles to get rewards.

1 – First phase

The event would show its own theme in the lobby – with some pretty impressive animations of a figure made from dust in the sky. Before landing, players would be provided with the location of the temple through the visible icons on the minimap.

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You have to solve various puzzles in this event

Inside those temples, players would be able to get the hidden treasures after solving a fairly easy puzzle. Weapons, ammo, and attachments are all in the drop list – you won’t find any airdrop weapons, however.

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The secrets would be in the middle of the temple

When opening a treasure chest, players might be cursed and get turned into a mummy for a few seconds – if they are not in a safe zone.

2 – Second Phase

The biggest temple on the map would launch into the sky after a few minutes have passed in the game. This would be the beginning of the second phase – afterward, it would move to every safe zone and spawn a boss.

The boss would be gigantic

A notification would appear to alert players about this phase – the boss would be located in the center of the temple and if you managed to beat it, high tier loot would drop. The fight is fairly manageable – you only need to get enough medicine and ammunition.

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You would get treasures for defeating it

After the boss is defeated, players would be sent back onto the map – overall, the boss fight is not that hard, the interruption by other players is the tricky part.

The event is going to last for a couple of weeks – no end date has been revealed yet. Interested in more of our articles related to PUBG Mobile? Please check out this post to find out more about the best spots to find sniper rifles on Erangel.