Sniper rifle is probably the rarest weapon class in PUBG Mobile, mainly due to their strength at long ranges. If everyone is able to get their hands on a sniper rifle, a match of PUBG Mobile would be much more boring, as every location would be filled with campers.

While weapons spawn randomly on Erangel and getting your hand on a sniper rifle is pretty much luck-based, there certainly are some hot drop zones in which the spawn chance is higher. In this article, we would list out some of the most popular and best places to get sniper rifles on the Erangel Map of PUBG Mobile.

5 – School

Risk level medium


This is one of the most underrated loot spots in PUBG Mobile – this area has a pretty decent spawn rate for DMRs and the Kar98k – finding one of these guns here would be pretty easy. However, watch your back when landing here, as a decent number of players still picked this location.

4 – Mylta Power

Risk level low


Mylta is another unpopular spot on Erangel, as it is pretty hard to look for decent loot drops on this location. While having a low spawn rate for popular gears like AR and attachments, Mylta’s rate for the sniper rifle and armor level 3 is pretty great. If you want a good sniper camping spot, landing here is recommended.

3 – Georgopol

Risk level medium

Container Area

While Georgopol does not really have a higher spawn rate for sniper rifles, it has the quantity. The sheer number of buildings and loot spots would boost your chances of getting one significantly higher. It is a populated town filled with enemies, however - you should be careful when moving from buildings to buildings.

2 – Pochinki

Risk level high


Pochinki, the battle town of Erangel, is best known for its amazing loot, and because of that, a lot of players flock to that place from the start to try to begin the game with a good weapon. If you are confident in fighting a lot of people right away, land here. If you got a sniper rifle here, get to some windows and you can begin to snipe right away.

1 – Sosnovka Military Base

Risk level medium

Pubg Mobile Military1

Sosnovka is the place with the highest chance for a sniper rifle to spawn on the map. Besides the gun, you can find a lot of good gear and attachments too. The whole compound is pretty big – you would be able to engage enemies at long range instead of having to get in close quarters. This is the chance for the sniper rifle to shine – if you managed to grab it first.

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