The Oasis Fresh event of PUBG Mobile would come to an end very soon – there are only 3 days left. If you haven’t tried it out yet, this list would be your best bet in order to create every type of drink.

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PUBG Mobile Oasis Fresh Event's crafting menu

To participate in this event, you would need to collect various ingredients and mix them together to create a cold beverage “cocktail”. Once you have created the drink of your choice, it can be used in Cheer Park or Spawn Island to unlock some cool emote effects. Overall, this is a pretty creative event – PUBG Mobile’s developers have never ceased to surprise the fans with their new and outlandish idea.

How to create drinks?

You would need 3 out of these 4 ingredients to create a cocktail: sour juice, syrup, flavoring, and chili sauce. The last addition to the mix of a drink is ice. Once you are ready to mix up your drink, the last step is to shake your phone at a certain speed to create them. Below are the 46 possible recipes for the drinks:



Where to get the ingredients to make the cocktails?

Each ingredient has a different requirement to drop. The Syrup is more likely to drop on Classic maps, Sour Juice would drop when you play as a team, Flavoring can be found on Livik and Ranked mode for Chili Sauce. Lastly, you can find Ice in Cheer Park – which is a vital part to craft special drinks.

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Create drinks and get various rewards

What are the rewards for creating cocktails?

You would unlock rewards as you create your cocktails – there are no requirements for making different drinks, however. You can make 34 of the same thing to unlock the final prize.

  • 10 drinks: Supply Crate coupon
  • 15 drinks: Rose Sunglasses
  • 20 drinks: 5 Classic Crate coupon scraps
  • 25 drinks: 300 AG
  • 30 drinks: Pilot jacket
  • 34 drinks: SKS Tsunami skin

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