PUBG Mobile’s developers have begun working on season 15 PUBG even before 14 is officially out – the amount of prepared future content is just insane. Season 14 is set to end on Sept 13, with 15 coming out right afterward. In this article, we would list out all the information available so far about season 14.

1 – PUBG Season 15 Release date and Royale Pass

Season 15 PUBG and its Royale Pass is going to be released on September 15, 2 days after Season 14’s ending. Similar to previous seasons, there would be 2 levels for the pass: Elite Royale Pass would be 600 UC and Elite Plus Pass would be 1800 UC.

PUBG Mobile season 15 leaks

2 – PUBG Mobile Season 15: New Features

PUBG Mobile Season 15 New Mode

Looks like PUBG Mobile is doubling down on the “coronavirus” theme with face mask accessories and a new “Virus mode” in which you would fight against giant virus ball for kills and loot. Some tweaks would be made to the rankings and leaderboards as well.

season 15 pubg New Mode
This mode would be pretty bizarre

PUBG Mobile Season 15 New Character

A new character called Sunny is likely to be added to PUBG Mobile season 15 – there’s not much information available yet – looks like he is going to be dressed in a black outfit with golden trimmings.

Maxresdefault 3
PUBG Mobile new character Sunny

PUBG Mobile Season 15 New Skins

Various new outfits, backpack, and more would be added to the game… but the most exciting addition is probably the face tattoo/mask/makeup. They would replace all graffiti in the Elite Pass.

season 15 pubg skins
These new face masks would look pretty good when combined with some headgears

Beside the facemasks, there are also a few costumes, backpack skins, vehicles and parachute skins

season 15 pubg new skins
The new vehicles and parachute skins look pretty good
pubg mobile season 15 new skins
A weird combo of a long-sleeved jacket and a boxer

Lastly, there are some weapon skins and emotes. These are probably going to be part of the Royale Pass.

pubg mobile season 15 new emotes
The new emotes in season 15 PUBG
New PUBG Mobile AK skin

3 – Season 15 PUBG: Erangel changes

Apparently, there are going to be some changes on the Erangel map, with a few buildings getting removed and replaced. It is still too soon to see if it is Erangel 2.0 update, however.

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