The gaming market for mobile has been growing steadily in India, with PUBG Mobile and Free Fire claiming the two top spots. While PUBG Mobile is certainly more popular, its system requirement is just a little bit too steep, leaving parts of the user base with Low tier devices for Free Fire to fill in. However, PUBG Mobile has released its Lite version afterward to cover this weakness.

pubg mobile lite vs free fire
PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire video quality

In this article, we would discuss PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire and which would be the best if you have a weak phone.

1 – System Requirements

Minimum Requirements for PUBG Mobile Lite

  • Download Size-567 MB
  • Operating System- Android 4.1
  • RAM-1GB (Recommended-2GB)
  • Processor- Qualcomm Processor
  • GPU-Snapdragon 425
pubg mobile lite vs free fire which is best
PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire which is best: Free Fire looks better in some aspects

Minimum Requirements for Free Fire

  • Download Size-534 MB
  • Operating System- Android 4.0.3
  • RAM-1GB (Recommended-2GB)
  • Processor- Mediatek MT6737M quad-core
  • GPU-Mali 400

Overall, the minimum system requirements for PUBG Mobile lite and Free Fire is about the same – but if you absolutely push it down, PUBG Mobile Lite would have an edge, due to its lack of special effects. If you have slightly higher than the low end tier, you would be able to enjoy Free Fire much more, as its colorful and vibrant graphics are pretty good looking.

2 – Graphics and Sound

The graphical style is one of the biggest differences between the two games – PUBG Mobile is overall pretty grounded with its “realistic” style while Free Fire is somewhat cartoonishly over the top, with colorful skins and effects. This is pretty much down to personal preferences, really, as Fortnite, the most popular battle royale in the world, is much more cartoonish than this.

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire
PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire: 2 different styles of graphics

In the sound department, PUBG Mobile Lite is focused on realism, with gun sounds, footsteps sound, grenade sounds being pretty realistic. Free Fire, on the other hand, focuses on the pre-match and post-match sound effects. In this area, PUBG Mobile Lite is definitely better.

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3 – Gameplay

Player count and maps

The average time for a match of both games is about the same: 10 – 15 minutes. PUBG Mobile Lite, in order to reduce the graphical and hardware requirements, has reduced the maximum player count from 100 to 60. Free Fire, on the other hand, has had a limit of 52 players for a lobby right from the start. The fewer players there are in a room, the faster the game would load.

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire
PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire: Free Fire's main map

PUBG Mobile Lite’s Map size is also reduced, as 60 players obviously cannot play the game in the same space that 100 players do. Because of that, PUBG Mobile Lite has released 2 original maps: Golden Woods and Varenga, which are much smaller and less detailed than the usual PUBG Mobile map. Free Fire is about the same, as their 3 maps, Kalahari, Bermuda, and Purgatory, are pretty small. Overall, map design-wise, Free Fire has the edge, as the whole thing was developed as a separate game instead of being a modification from PUBG Mobile's assets.

Game modes

Overall, PUBG Mobile Lite does not have as many modes as Free Fire, being a spinoff of PUBG Mobile. Currently, the only notable modes in PUBG Mobile Lite is Payload and TDM. Free Fire, on the other hand, as a lot of new interesting modes on its plate that are getting switched in and out after every event. From knife fight Cold Steel mode, protect the payload Convoy Crunch mode, Clash Squad ranked mode... You would definitely get a better experience playing Free Fire if you don't always focus on the Battle Royale mode.

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire which is best
PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire which is best: Free Fire has a lot of modes

Characters and Weapons

While PUBG Mobile Lite stays true to PUBG's route of being realistic and grounded, Free Fire is going the "ability-based" Team Fortress 2 route, with each character having 4 skills to play around. This creates a much-needed depth for Free Fire's gameplay, with abilities and player's preferences complement each other. The Pets system in Free Fire is another layer of customization as well.

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire which is best
PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Garena Free Fire: the character system in Free Fire

Gun wise, PUBG Mobile Lite has a somewhat wider selection, with a separate DMR category that provides a much-needed level of customization on combat. Free Fire, on the other hand, focuses on the "fun" side of things, with stuff like Gloo Wall being a staple element of the game. These portable walls are used in every match, provide players with covers on demand.

PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Garena Free Fire
PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Garena Free Fire: vehicles comparison

About vehicles, Free Fire and PUBG Mobile Lite are about the same, but Free Fire still has a slight edge due to its awesome Monster Truck and general ease of vehicle controls. The character skills that improve vehicles are nice touches as well.

4 – PUBG Mobile Lite Vs Free Fire: Verdict

Overall, if you enjoyed PUBG Mobile's style of gameplay, PUBG Mobile Lite is a good choice. But if you are new to the genre and want to play a battle royale on weak devices, Free Fire is definitely better.

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