Looks like Alok, the inspiration for Free Fire’s Alok character, is actually a good Free Fire player. The guy is going to participate as a squad leader in a Free Fire Streamer tournament in Brazil. Garena announced the second version of the tournament “Treta dos Streamers” a few days ago – the event would be streamed live on Booyah! on July 28, 4 PM CT (or July 29, 2:30 AM IST).

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8 squads lead by streamers will participate in Clash Squad mode matches for the 16,000 diamonds grand prize. Beside Alok, other famous South American streamers like Nanda, Marcão, 1Biel, FoxFire, Kazumi, Dutrana, and Thagall would also lead teams. Overall, Free Fire is super popular in South America, maybe even more than PUBG Mobile.

DJ Alok, one of the top 15 DJs in the world, has been collaborating closely with Free Fire since last year. The guy even goes above and beyond, lending its likeliness to Garena to become a character in-game. In the Free Fire World Series finals last year, Alok made a live performance with a new exclusive song named Vale Vale, announcing his introduction in Free Fire. Besides being a musician, Alok is also an avid Free Fire streamer - the guy would go live on Booyah twice a week on Thursday and Saturday at 6 PM CT.

Alok during his performance in Free Fire World Series last year

This level of dedication is probably why his character in Free Fire is so overpowered - his Drop the Beat healing ability is pretty much the strongest skill in the game. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about the Bermuda map and the real-life locations that it was based on.