Free Fire India Championship (FFIC) Fall 2021's second week has just ended with groups A and B competing against each other on the sixth day. In this article, we are going to showcase a full recap of the Free Fire India Championship 2021's League Stage so far. 18 best Free Fire squads in India have shown fans an exceptional weekend.

1 - FFIC Fall League 2021 2nd Week Recap

Day 4: Group B vs Group C

Blind Esports (the new Godlike lineup) swept the day with an overwhelming performance. They scored 2 booyahs, 26 kills and 74 points. Head Hunters were the 2nd place, with a whopping 35 kills. UG Empire finished 3rd with 61 points total. Team TSM didn't do really well - they finished 10th.

Day 4
Day 4 Standings

Day 5: Group A vs Group C

Galaxy Racer once again dominated on the 5th day of FFIC, winning half of the matches played. They earned a whopping 42 kills and 96 points. Team Elite has finally gotten a good day after a string of disappointments. They amassed 73 points in total. The 3rd and 4th places were claimed by From the Future and Desi Gamers.

Day 5: Group A vs Group C
Day 5 Standings

Day 6: Group A vs Group B

TSM finally sprang into action today and completely killed the lobby with their aggressive gameplay. They managed to score 87 points and 47 kills despite not getting any booyahs. Godlike Esports (the former Blind lineup) won 3 of the 6 games yesterday and placed 2nd. Team Chaos placed third with 66 points.

Day 6: Group A vs Group B
Day 6 Standings

2 - FFIC Fall League 2021 2nd Week League Standings

As this round of the tournament is in a League Format, the individual performance of the teams during the round does not matter as much as their placements. The top 2 of each group will advance to the next stage. Below are the league standings of all three groups, based on their placement points, exchanged into LP or League Points.

League Standings
2nd Week League Standings

Overall, the #1 of each group, Desi Gamers, Blind and Galaxy Racer has widened their leads over the rest. Both Desi Gamers and Galaxy Racers are leading their group with 71 points, while Blind has only 66.

The #2 to #4 in all three groups are very close as well - everything can change in the upcoming week. Fan-favorite Total Gaming was the biggest disappointment last week, with only 22 points gained total. The third week of the tournament will start on October 1. Teams who have performed below expectations can regroup and create new strategies to come out on top.

3 - FFIC Fall League 2021 2nd Week MVPs

Overall, the MVPs of all 3 days were dominated by TSM and GXR. The last day was the biggest win for TSM, with 3 out of 5 spots claimed by TSM players. This is part of their bombastic rise to the top, surpassing team Elite in Group A.

TSM Oldmonk is MVP of week 2, with a whopping 20 kills and 9736 damage in total. He is not the top damage dealer, however - that spot belongs to GXR XDivine on day 4, with 10922 damage.

day 6 MVP
Oldmonk and the entire TSM lineup have performed super well.

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