The Diamond Royale in Free Fire is a part of the Luck Royale system. It is where Garena features their latest bundles and skins after a set period. About every 22 days, the Diamonds Royale will reset with new Grand Prizes and rewards for players to claim.

A new Diamond Royale has just arrived in Free Fire. This Diamond Royale features the Bladebill Soarer bundle. Lets' see what we have in the Diamond Royale this time.

Baldebill Soarer
The new Free Fire event Bladebill Soarer Diamond Royale has arrived.

Free Fire Bladebill Soarer Diamond Royale

The Free Fire Bladebill Soarer Diamond Royale starts on September 26 to October 18.

The Grand Prize of the new Diamond Royale in October is the Bladebill Soarer bundle. This male bundle has a strong jungle vibe to it with a parrot hat.

The Bladebill Soarer bundle consists of 5 parts:

  • Bladebill Soarer (Top)
  • Bladebill Soarer (Bottom)
  • Bladebill Soarer (Head)
  • Bladebill Soarer (Shoe)
  • Bladebill Soarer (Mask)
Bladebill Soarer Diamond Royale
Players can use Diamonds or Diamond Royale Voucher to spin for the bundle.

Other than the Bladebill Soarer bundle, you can get other prizes such as Magic Cube, Magic Cube Fragment, skins, character Fragments,... When you spin on one of these prizes, they will be removed from the prize pool of the Diamond Royale.

About the Diamond Royale in Free Fire

You can spin the Diamond Royale in Free Fire using Diamonds. 60 Diamonds is equivalent to one spin, but if you spend 600 Diamonds, you can spin 11 times. You can also use Diamond Royale Voucher to spin the Diamond Royale for free.

For each spin that does not land on the Grand Prize, your Luck Quotient will increase by 1 and your next spin will be more likely to get the Grand Prize.

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