With Free Fire being a free-to-play game, Garena has to implement a special microtransaction system based on cosmetics to get their investments back from players through selling cosmetics. Overall, the microtransaction in Free Fire is relatively friendly, being only costume or visual improvements that do not provide any advantages on the battlefield at all (characters and pets are another matter, of course)

free fire luck royale 2020

In this article, we will be discussing Free Fire Luck Royale trick, analyze the system and all its features... along with advice on how to get items from it without having to spend real money.

1 - What is Free Fire Luck Royale?

There are mainly 5 types of luck royale in Free Fire, along with event-exclusive ones.

Diamond Royale

Diamond Royale is Garena's main way to make money. It allows you to spin to get cosmetic items, from character skins, parachute skins to weapon skins. If you fail in the spin, some "participation prize" would show up... like the experience/gold booster. The prizes in Diamond Royale are super hard to get - you would have to spend real money to buy diamonds for spins

free fire luck royale 2020
Free Fire Luck Royale 2020: A grand prize in Diamond Royale

Gold Royale

This is the only "Free" spin in the Luck Royale - you can spin gold royale with both gold and diamond... and gold is relatively easy to get so you wouldn't have to spend a single penny here. It works the same as Diamond royale, with each spin result in a special prize like cosmetics, weapon skins or items. However, the drop list in Gold Royale is considerably worse than Diamond Royale, of course.

free fire new luck royale 2020

The best part of Gold Royale is that you can get a free spin from it once a day. It is also pretty easy to get special coupons that can be used for drawing in this particular lottery as well - they can be acquired in daily challenges and events.

Weapon Royale

Weapon Royale is similar to the previous two parts of the Luck Royale, however, you would only be able to get weapon skins in here. The other "loser prizes" such as the experience and gold boosters are still here, of course. You usually would have to spend real money here - there are chances to get a free weapon royale ticket, but that's pretty rare.

Free Fire new luck royale 2020

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The incubator is a "guaranteed" spin that enables you to get some of the best items in the game in exchange for evolution stones and blueprints. Evolution stones are relatively easy to get - they are always included in the Elite Pass and sometimes offered for free in events. Blueprints are much harder to get - usually, you can only get them via topping up in events. If you don't have evolution stones, just hold onto your prints, as incubators are known to come back after a while.

free fire new luck royale 2020
Free Fire new luck royale 2020: the sets are rotated back pretty frequently

You can also use real money on the incubator - it is guaranteed for the item to drop after a certain number of spins.

Special Event Spin

Another type of diamond royale that changes in every event - not much to see here as the mechanics are pretty much the same.

2 - Free Fire Luck Royale Trick

If you have a limited amount of money to buy diamonds in Free Fire or no money at all, don't bother with Luck Royale. Stick with the Elite Pass - it is a better deal most of the time. Furthermore, the items gained in Luck Royale are just cosmetics that do not give you any real advantage in-game.

Free Fire new luck royale 2020

You sometimes don't have to spend real money on Luck Royale. After collecting the right coupons, some of the above lotteries can be used for Free. Mostly Gold Royale, of course, as Diamond Coupons and Weapon Coupons are rarely given. Overall, just focus on the Gold Royale, as it is the easiest and cheapest.

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3 - How to get free google credit for Luck Royale?

Google Opinion Rewards

This is a free "survey" app from Google that gives you money after completion of various surveys. You can get this app on the Google Play Store by just searching for its name. The survey would come infrequently - usually once a week.


Grabpoints is a popular GPT (Get Paid To) site that users would complete various tasks for points, which in turn can be exchanged for gift cards from Google Play.


Another GPT website which gives out money in exchange for users doing tasks. The payout method depends on the country and money gained could be used to buy diamonds.

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