The skill system is one of the best-received features of Free Fire - unique enough to differentiate the game from all the other BR competitors in the mobile market. Every character jumping onto the map in Free Fire would be equipped with a set of 4 skills, based on what they have acquired from leveling up individual characters in-game. These skills might seem completely unrelated at first... but they can definitely be combined into a set that synergizes with each other.

best skill combination in free fire
Here are the best skill combination in Free Fire 2020

In this article, we would list out some of the best skill combo in Free Fire 2020.

1 - Best Skill Combo In Free Fire for Snipers

Laura + Rafael + Any other 2 skills

If you are going to focus on sniping with either a Sniper Rifle or an AR, equipping some of these skills would be a pretty decent choice. The first two combo pieces would be Laura and Rafael. Laura's passive of 30% bonus accuracy would increase your chances of hitting the target with a scope on greatly - while Rafael's Dead Silence ability would ensure that the enemy would not automatically detect your position when you attack.

free fire best skill combination
Laura is part of Free Fire best skill combination for Snipers

The last two slots could be whatever you want - you can pick Alok's powerful healing ability or Jai's automatic reload if you are going to engage up close... or A124's self heal if you are going to do some solo action. Paloma, Wolfrahh and even Wukong are also decent choices.

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2 - Best Combination for Assaulter

This is the default role of a Free Fire player - Assaulter usually uses AR and sometimes SMG. There are just too many combinations for this one - below are some of the best.

Hayato + Wolfrahh + A124 + Any other skills

This is pretty much the best combo for 1vs1 fights - Hayato's armor-piercing bonus combined with Wolfrahh's extra limb damage bonus would make short works of any enemies in a duel. You can activate A124's skill as an emergency heal as well. The last slot could be whatever you want.

best skill slot in free fire
Wolfrahh's ability is one of the best skill slot in Free Fire

Sverr + A124/Alok + Miguel + Any 1 skill

Sverr (the new character in OB24) has an ability to sacrifice 30 HP for 20% bonus damage - this is massively powerful and when combined with A124's heal, you wold not lose any advantage. Miguel's ability would let you regain your EP after the kill, which in turn can be used to fuel A124's ability.

free fire best skill combo
A124 is a must have character to make Free Fire best skill combo

Jota + Nikita + Any 2 skills

If you are going to use SMGs for a fun match, there certainly is a skill combo involving these weapons. Jota's ability is pretty overpowered... when you use the specified weapons and Nikita's skill would boost the already super-fast loading speed of SMGs to yet another level. You can now spray to your heart's content - just be careful of snipers.

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3 - Best Combination for Supporter

This role only exists in squad mode, with one member of the squad take it for the team and pick a combo of supporting skills and pets.

Kapella + Alok + Notora + Olivia/Any other character + Falcon or Rockie Pet

With Kapella and Alok, you would pretty much be the health fountain for the whole team - healing a massive amount of HP at a fast rate. Notora's skill would also heal any team members who are in the vehicle you drive constantly, keeping teammates at full 200 HP all the time. This is pretty important, as even 1 HP difference could be a crucial point between victory and defeat.

Best Skill Combo In Free Fire
Kapella's passive would let you heal a lot more than usual

Besides all those bonuses, with the stacks on Kapella and Olivia's skill, you can resurrect your downed teammates and give them a lot more HP than usual.

4 - Other worth mentioning combos

Wolfrahh + Luqueta

These are the two skills that get stronger over time in Free Fire - after getting just a few kills early on, you would get a massive bonus on your HP and damage, providing a much better chance in the later phases of the match. You have to get those first few kills without any bonuses, of course - they might be much harder than what you'd have expected.

Best Skill Combo In Free Fire
Best Skill Combo In Free Fire: Luqueta

Notora + Misha

The best racer combo - you would be able to use a vehicle to its greatest potential, with both extra speed and heal. The damage you take while inside the vehicle also gets reduced as well.

Ford + Joseph

This combo might let you stay out in the danger zone and get the 20% speed buff bonus enabled constantly. However, this is only for the early game, as later on the zone deals so much damage you can drop dead at any moment.

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