Garena is pumping out updates upon updates for Free Fire, and the feature that gets changed more often is probably the Training Mode. In today's OB24 update, the whole thing would get an overhaul, adding lots of new exciting features like Racing Tracks, Target Arcade... all to improve the new player experience.

Training island in Free Fire

Below is a list of all the new changes for training mode in OB24.

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1 - New Racing Tracks

You can now blast Nitro on your vehicle

You can now turn Free Fire into an actual racing game with the new racing tracks - all vehicles can now use nitro to drastically increase their speed for a short period of time. There are also a lot of ramps installed on the road - you can perform various stunt and jump with your car by going airborne using them.

2 - New Target Arcade

Shooting targets with a firethrower

You can now practice your shootings on moving targets while gauging your shooting skill by comparing the results with your friend. There is also a new "Flamethrower" weapon added into this mode as well.

3 - Weapon Crate Selection and Optimization

An improved item system

You can get a lot more items from the weapon crates in the Training ground compared to before. You can now freely experiment or play around with those items.

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4 - Private Movie Theater

A new lounge

Players would get a new "lounge" style room called "Private Movie Theater". It is unsure what is the purpose of this new room - it is likely to be some kind of lounge with a special feature... maybe Free Fire trailers can be played on the screen.

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