Android has become the most popular operating system in the world for mobile devices, due to Google's policy of being Open-Sourced. There are a lot of varieties amongst the billions of devices out there, but there are also some similarities. In this article, we would list out the 6 most useful Android tricks that you might not know.

1 - Find Your Phone

You can actually find your phone on google if your mobile data is on or the device is connected to the internet. Simply type "Find my Phone" on From there, you can make the device play sounds, lock the device and sign out of your Google Account, or even Erase the data on the device completely.

Find My Device Screenshots 840x498

2 - Change Default Apps

When you have several apps with the same function installed on your phone, Android would ask you to set one app as a default the first time you run a task. However, you can sometimes set an app as the default by accident - to change it back, going to Settings > Apps > Default apps.

001 Set And Clear Android Default Apps 3886190 A00

3 - Invert Colors

This works as a makeshift dark mode of sorts - if you don't have a dark mode on your phone and your eyes are getting tired from all the white lights, navigate to Settings > System > Accessibility and enable Color inversion.

Moto X Invert Colors 980x653

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4 - Access Developers' Options

You can generally access the hidden settings of your phone by tapping the "About Phone" setting 7 times or more. In this menu, there are a lot of in-deep settings that can be tinkered with for better android experience.

Dev Options Debug 2x

5 - Increase/Decrease Animation Speed

As your phone gets old, you could decrease the animation speed to get slightly better performance out of it. Looks for these three settings in Developer options: Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animation duration scale.

Speed Up Transitions Animations Your Galaxy S9 128

6 - Modify App permissions

You can find the permissions settings right below the App notification settings. In this section, you can manage what your apps are allowed to do and turn off previously allowed permissions.

Android M Perms 1280x720

7 - Control battery use

You can try to optimize how applications run in the background to increase your battery time by using the Battery Optimization settings. Other than system apps, Battery Optimization can deal with pretty much everything.

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8 - Data Saver

Newer Android versions have the option of "data saver mode" in the quick settings, which would restrict background apps from consuming your data. It can also be accessed from Settings > Network & Internet > Data usage.

Data Saver

9 - Customize the quick settings

People usually overlook the ability to customize the various icons in the quick settings that you drag down from the top of the screen. Just press the Edit icon and tinker with it.

Android Edit Quick Settings 78a3891aa0bd4fa8b0ad28

10 - Notification settings

Every app has their own notification settings - if you are annoyed by the app to keep going off, pinging your phone with notification, you can selectively turn them off by going into the App Info settings and select "Notifications".


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