Free Fire's OB24 update is set to be released today after the maintenance period ends at 5:30 PM IST. The new update is going to bring a boatload of new features, including 2 new characters, new weapons, quality-of-life improvements, Bermuda 2.0... and more. You can check out the details regarding it in this post.


Amongst all the flashy new characters and shiny new guns, there is an update that people often overlook. In OB24, the anti-cheat system of Free Fire is going to get another overhaul as well - with even harsher punishments for hackers and cheaters. Low-level players who often run into those guys would definitely get a better experience now.

About Free Fire OB24's new Anti-cheat system

Garena has been devoted a lot of resources on anti-cheat measures as of late, with multiple blog posts all about this topic alone. And for OB24... they have revealed that there would be a new system introduced, with new technologies from third party experts.

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Ban message in Free Fire

In OB24, all hackers and cheaters would be booted out from the room and banned immediately on detection - this would save normal players from having to suffer those cheats for too long.

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Why was this system created?

Previously, the system works slower, with the ban only get applied after the hacker restart his Free Fire app (if it was detected automatically by the system) or much later afterward (if it was detected manually by reports).

This still leaves out a lot of time for the cheater to ruin games - and if the guy is running Free Fire on an Emulator, he can just keep the game online or create a new instance and continue to cheat like normal.

Free Fire Ob24 Update Release Date

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