Reload time is a pretty underrated stat in Free Fire - people usually would care a lot more about damage, accuracy, and the like. However, knowing more about your favorite weapons' reload time might help you a lot, as a lot of deaths were caused by carelessly filling your weapon while enemies still around... In this article, we would list out some of the guns with the fastest reload time in the game.

Overall, we can just skip the Sniper rifles and Assault Rifles altogether, as they exchange their other stats for damage and accuracy. Only the weaker weapons have a fast reload time.

5 - Hand Cannon, CG15, RGS50, Gatling, and M79

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These 5 weapons tied at the fifth spot, with 62 points in reload speed. Amongst them, 4 are special weapons that Garena added into the game on special modes - they probably have high reload speed to make up for various weaknesses. The M79 is a single shot grenade thrower - it needs to be fast to actually get some shots out.

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4 - M500 and Desert Eagle

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The only two pistols that's worth using, with 69 points in reload speed. These guns pack amazing power and fast... however, the recoil is insane - you are pretty much forced to get a headshot with them.

3 - MGL 140 and M1887

M1887 Produces The Hugest Damage In Free Fire
M1887 produces the biggest damage in Free Fire

The best grenade launcher in the game can also be reloaded pretty fast, in spite of its insane power. The MGL has 76 points in reload speed - at least there are only a few grenades in the gun. The M1887 is a double shot weapon - you can reload each bullet and that's why its speed is so fast.

2 - UMP and MP5

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These two are the "spam" weapon of Free Fire, with the ability to pump out impressive firepower at the right range... continuously. With Nikita's ability equipped, you might even be able to decrease the reload time even further. These two guns have 77 points in reload speed.

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1 - USP

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This gun is so weak people are doing challenges using it

This is the fastest reload speed in the game, with a whopping 83 points. No one uses this pistol, however - it is just too weak and easily out damaged by pretty much every other weapon.

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