In Free Fire, you would fight against 49 other people until there's only one left standing on the map. Surviving that kind of battle royale is hard... but surviving it when the other people teaming up with each other is even harder. If you want to try a new challenge - you might want to go against those squads while playing solo.

Free Fire Solo Vs Squad Tips And Tricks
1 vs 4 is always hard in any games

This mode is a great way to boost your K/D score - normally, enemies would kill each other too fast, leaving barely anything for you to kill. In this mode, team fights would last much longer than normal, as squads can revive their teammates when one of them is down. To access Solo vs Squad in Free Fire, just turn off auto-match before finding matches.

In the guide below, we would list out some of the best Free Fire Solo vs Squad tips and tricks so that you would fare better when fighting a full squad by yourself.

1 – General strategy: Early rush or Late fight?

Overall, there are two general strategies for you to approach the fight - it is either rushing early or waiting until the late game. The effectiveness of each strategy varies - it depends on a lot of factors, including your own performance.

Early Rush

If you decided to follow this strategy, you would definitely need some luck. Try to land right away on a spot that an enemy squad is heading, preferably with the falcon pet (for an increase in landing speed). After hitting the ground, try to get a gun and head toward the enemy right away. Usually, a team would land in the same area and take their time to loot, relying on their number - this opens them up for a surprise attack. You should do hit and run and should retreat after the first attack - the enemy would have grouped up afterward.

Free Fire Solo Vs Squad Tips And Tricks
Try to get down ASAP

Late Fight

The second method is to play the game like normal - but focus on survival instead of fighting. Lets the squad engage each other then try to pick off the straggler when they are distracted. This has the same amount of risk comparing to the above methods - you would usually face a fully geared squad and they would outgun you 9 times out of 10. Don't let it become too late, of course - facing 3 people in the last circle is not something you would like to do.

Free Fire Solo Vs Squad Tips And Tricks
The final circle in Free Fire

2 – Scouting is crucial - be aware of your surroundings!

Against squads, you need to be aware of the arena around you and scout around continuously with your scope. Be sure to take note of everyone when beginning your assault - when you fight one person, their teammates could hit you from another angle. This usually would lead to your death.

Free Fire Solo Vs Squad Tips And Tricks
Scout around with your scope

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3 – Free Fire Solo vs Squad tips and tricks for combat

When knocking down one person, you can either finish them off right away before their teammates could come... or leave them crawling around as bait. In general, if they are a fresh 4 man squad, "kill the guy right away and get what you could" is more reliable.

Free Fire Solo Vs Squad Tips And Tricks
Grenades are pretty important in this mode, both Gloo and Frag

Grenades are really useful in this mode as those squads sometimes stack up together closely - a grenade could scatter them around for you to pick up.

Free Fire Solo Vs Squad Tips And Tricks
You might get a lot of kills, but getting a Booyah is still pretty hard

Chokepoints like stairs are your friend - they would remove the numerical superiority of your enemies - they would have to go up to your location one by one. Because of this, you would have a much easier time. You can also try to take a vantage point and use a sniper rifle to whittle them down a little by little - that would also be a great strategy as the enemy team would not be able to retaliate at long range.

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4 - What to do in the End Game?

This is the hardest part of the game, as there is usually only one squad left to fight. If you managed to hit the final circles - try to check if there are more than 1 squad left - if there are, try to butt in when they fight each other... otherwise, you would have to fight them alone and rely on luck. Don't bother finishing downed people - just fight the next one right away.

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