Joseph is one of the newer characters in Free Fire, with a skill that's actually usable and impactful, unlike Maxim or Ford's ability. Joseph's ability is often picked by rushers who want to engage in combat right away. In this article, we would analyze Joseph's ability and list out some tips and tricks on using him

1 - Miguel's background

The Special Forces Soldier 1f81
Miguel was the leader of an Elite squad of Soldiers

Miguel, real name Jose, is a captain of a Special Forces unit with the mission of destroying the mysterious organization Free Fire, who kidnaps people and forces them to fight in the battle royales. He later failed in his mission, however, due to a trap created by Paloma, his once lover now turn enemies. Turned out, she was working with the Free Fire organization. Left alone on the island, Miguel has to survive and uncover everything about the organization and Paloma by himself.

2 - Miguel's ability: Crazy Slayer

Miguel's ability would fill his EP every time he scores a kill, which would be slowly turned into HP afterward. This stacks - if you kill 2 enemies in a short time, 100 EP would be refilled. This skill is pretty useless if your EP is full, however.

Free Fire Characters En 22
Miguel in game
  • Level 1: Gain 20 EP for each kill
  • Level 2: Gain 25 EP for each kill
  • Level 3: Gain 30 EP for each kill
  • Level 4: Gain 35 EP for each kill
  • Level 5: Unlock Miguel's Special Set
  • Level 6: Gain 40 EP for each kill
  • Level 7: Unlock Miguel's banner
  • Level 8: Gain 45 EP for each kill

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3 - Tips and Tricks for Miguel's ability

EP is a valuable resource in Free Fire - Miguel's ability to recover it after every kill is just as good as Jota's heal, as it works on every weapon and not just shotguns and SMGs.

Betrayed by Paloma, he is the only one who survived the trap

Which skills to combo with Crazy Slayer? Well, Miguel's ability is best used in a combo with A124's. You pop A124's heal skill (which cost EP) to kill an enemy, which in turn recover your EP back for yet another heal. Besides this particular combo, well, you can pretty much use Miguel's skill in any kind of lineup, as recovering EP is useful in all situations.

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