One of the biggest reasons behind Free Fire's rise in India is probably its unique character system. In every game, you would be able to pick a roster of 4 different skills before jumping out of the plane onto the battlefield - this creates a layer of strategy that differs the game from its rivals like PUBG.

In this article, we would discuss Free Fire New Character Sverr, along with his design, backstory, and gameplay strategy.

1 - Sverr’s design and backstory


Sverr is going to be released on the upcoming OB24 update on September 22, 2020, along with Dasha, another brand new character. With his ability, it is likely that Sverr would be diamond-only like Alok.

Free Fire New Character Sverr
Free Fire New Character Sverr would be released in OB24 update

Based on his strange name and appearance, we can already guess where Sverr came from. The guy is a modern interpretation of the Viking from those Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden...), with an appropriate hairstyle, tattoo and outfits.

Sverr's backstory
Sverr's backstory

Sverr's ability reference "beast blood" or "berserker", which is a nordic legend about berserk warriors whose ability is to channel their rage into power (which is the exact thing he does). Sverr wears a custom outfit of an MMA fighter, with chains around his legs and gloves.


Sverr is a 29 years old MMA fighter whose anger and rage is legendary. The guy usually channels it in the battle, performing unbelievable feats in the ring. Sverr was bullied as a kid due to his small frame... however, as soon as he hits puberty, his body grew up to be a giant. No one dares to bully Sverr again afterward.

Free Fire New Character Sverr
Sverr's base look does not have the fur coat

Because of his temper, Sverr gets suspended from the league for quite a few times. Afterward, the guy takes a special anger training course by living in the wild for one year. He learns how to survive, hunt and the way to balance between peace and anger.

After learning about Kla, a fighter who can challenge his power, Sverr flew to Thailand to fight. He eventually loses but the fight was the most fun he has ever had. A while after that, a mysterious letter arrived containing an invitation for Sverr and beckon him to get to the Free Fire Island.

2 - Free Fire new character Sverr skill and details

Sverr's ability consumes HP to boost his attack damage. At max level, with only a cost of 30HP, you would be able to gain an extra 20% in damage output. This would apply to every kind of damage, from a thrown grenade to an exploding bolt of the crossbow.

Free Fire New Character Sverr
It is best to max Sverr's ability right away, as the skill is improved greatly with every level
  • Going Berserk Level 1: Consume 40 HP to increase damage output by 10% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 45s.
  • Going Berserk Level 2: Consume 38 HP to increase damage output by 12% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 42s.
  • Going Berserk Level 3: Consume 36 HP to increase damage output by 14% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 39s.
  • Going Berserk Level 4: Consume 34 HP to increase damage output by 16% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 36s.
  • Going Berserk Level 5: Consume 32 HP to increase damage output by 18% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 33s.
  • Going Berserk Level 6: Consume 30 HP to increase damage output by 20% for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 30s.

3 - Tips and Tricks on using Sverr's Ability in Free Fire

Unlike what you would have expected, it might be better to use Sverr's ability in long range fights, as going up close and personal with a 40/30 HP less can be a problem. With such a big HP gap, unless you have Alok or A124's heal active, enemies might still be able to get the drop on you.

With the huge 20% bonus damage, it might be a good idea to combine Sverr's Berserk with a high damage weapon like the AWM. The 20% bonus damage would be further multiplied on headshots - you would be able to one-shot a player with a level 3 helmet if Sverr's skill is active.

Berserk also has a much lower cooldown than other skills in Free Fire - do not hesitate to spam it for advantages in combat.

4 - Skill combinations for Sverr in Free Fire

Overall, it is best to pair Sverr's skill to a heal in order to remove the HP cost right away. The best candidates for this job are A124, Alok and Jota. With these characters at your disposal, you would be able to get the extra damage anytime, anywhere, and even engage in melee combat, as the HP gap would be closed immediately.

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