After the deadly border conflict, the Indian government has retaliated by banning PUBG Mobile along with 117 other Chinese applications. With PUBG Mobile being the most popular video game in the country, the community of streamers and content creators who are riding on its back is scrambling for new games to play for their fans.

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PUBG Mobile was winning before the ban

A lot of PUBG Mobile Pro players are streamers - and with the indefinite postponement of all PUBG Mobile tournaments, many are thinking about moving to Free Fire. In this article, we would list out 7 pro players who have migrated.

1 - Scout

After the ban, Scout has been playing Free Fire several times on his streams, making clutch plays and such. With his fame, it is easy for Scout to attach other Pro Free Fire players - he played with Ajjubhai94 a few days ago and fight alongside team TSG's Ritik and Jash yesterday.

2 - Soul Mortal

Besides being one of the most famous PUBG Mobile players in the country, Mortal is also an avid streamer. He has also played Free Fire along with Ajjubhai the other day - this is not the first time Mortal tried the quick BR game.

3 - Soul Regaltos, Viper, Sangwan

Looks like the whole Soul team are trying out Free Fire, with Viper posting a video in which he's leading a team to face Regaltos in a 4 vs 4 match. All of them have also played with each other on streams. This is more or less an attempt to collab and incites their fanbase to follow the new game. It is also possible that they are practicing the game for a possible tournament attempt in the future.

4 - OR Mavi

Mavi has always been pretty close to Scout - the guy was part of Scout's stream along with Ritik and Jash. It is unclear if the other members of OR are trying Free Fire, however.

5 - SynerGE AustinX

AustinX from team Synerge has also streamed Free Fire last week.

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