With PUBG Mobile getting banned in India, many gamers are considering moving to other games, and Free Fire is one of the most popular options. This is partly due to the game's existing userbase in the country and its relatively big esports scene (still smaller than PUBG Mobile, of course). In this article, we would tell you everything you need to know about Garena Free Fire, and what differences you should take note of when migrating.

PUBG Mobile vs Free Fire

1 - How to install and register for Free Fire?

This is pretty straightforward, as you can just download Free Fire straight from the Google Store. When logging in, you can create an account of just try out the game with a guest account - just be careful about it, as if the game is uninstalled all the data of your guest account would be lost forever.

2 - What are the main differences between PUBG Mobile and Free Fire?

In PUBG Mobile, everyone starts the same... but in Free Fire, that is actually not the case. There are 2 systems that help players customize their character in Free Fire - the Character system and the Pet system, each would give players various bonuses over their enemies. Overall, you can certainly say that Free Fire is somewhat Pay To Win, as some of the characters cannot be bought with gold - you have to use Diamonds for them.

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The maps in Free Fire are much smaller

The next difference is the size of the maps and the number of players on it. Free Fire is originally designed to be a lite version of the normal 100 people BR - it has only half of that and therefore requires only a small map. With the size, you can pretty much forget about the strategies to chase the safe zones and such, as you would probably be able to reach it anyway. The smaller size also makes the game twice as fast as PUBG Mobile - you can pretty much play 2 Free Fire matches for each PUBG Mobile match.

Free Fire's unique character system is one of the most liked parts about the game

The guns are about the same, usage wise. However, Free Fire has a lot fewer weapons - the whole DMR class in PUBG gets incorporated into AR section. The most unique aspect of the weapon system in Free Fire is the Gloo Grenades - you can use them to instantly create a wall cover to protect yourself. This made walking around in Free Fire much easier as you would probably be able to block the snipers that way.

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Gloo Wall is a really unique idea

3 - Free Fire requires a lot less processing power

You don't really need a strong system playing Free Fire, as the game pretty much has the same system requirements as PUBG Mobile Lite. If your phone can play the normal PUBG Mobile, you would probably have a much easier time playing Free Fire.

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