With PUBG Mobile's sudden ban last week, legions of fans are crying about not being able to play the game anymore. However, PUBG Mobile is not the only game in the universe - competitors like Call of Duty Mobile or Free Fire are happy to take those players from them. A lot of players are moving to CoD: Mobile, with a top record of 1.3 million new downloads after just 3 days from PUBG Mobile's removal. If you are going to play CoD Mobile, this article would list out everything you need to know.

1 - How to download and install Call of Duty Mobile?

COD Mobile

The game is available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store - this is pretty straightforward, of course. Just remember that the game is slightly more demanding than PUBG Mobile - you would need at least 2GB of RAM and Android 5.1 to run it. On iOS, your phone needs to be on 9 or higher.

2 - What are the differences?

Class System and Gameplay

While PUBG Mobile has no character customization in Battle Royale mode, Call of Duty Mobile does. There are 11 character classes in the game, each with a unique set of abilities that would greatly influence the outcome of the match.

Br Classes The Clown
The Clown Class in Cod Mobile

You would also be able to unlock superweapons called scorestreaks after killing a number of enemies in a row. There are a lot of options, ranging from an attack helicopter to a nuclear bomb.

Game Mode

While in PUBG Mobile we often get fun arcade modes like TDM and Zombie or Pyramid mode, Call of Duty Mobile seems to stick with its traditional three modes: Classic, Battle Royale and Ranked. Overall, Call of Duty Mobile is much more competitive in this aspect.

Gamemode 2
The game has relatively few modes but has a lot of maps


The two games used two different graphics engine: Unreal Engine 4 for PUBG Mobile and Unity Engine for Call of Duty. Both look great, but Call of Duty has better character details while PUBG Mobile has better environments.


Cod Mobile Maps 2qah
There are even more maps now

PUBG Mobile has 5 battle royale maps and 2 TDM maps. Call of Duty has only 1 battle royale map, however, it has like 20 normal maps and even more of them are getting implemented. All those maps are ported from the long-running Call of Duty Franchise.


Call Of Duty Mobile Settings

PUBG Mobile is somewhat better in this aspect, as Call of Duty has to keep its "realistic" theme. You can only get weapon skins.

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