Free Fire's upcoming update for September is almost here - the OB24 patch is expected to hit the live server on September 22. This is one of Free Fire's biggest update yet, with two new chapters, 2 new weapons and a complete overhaul of Bermuda. Amongst the new additions, there is one that players often overlook - Free Fire is getting a new Raccoon pet called "Rockie".

Free Fire OB24 update date in India
Rockie Unlocked

Pet's abilities are super useful, with some even being overpowered like Falcon's... and we can safely say Rockie's ability is in the same tier. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this new pet raccoon.

1 - Design

Rockie is a raccoon who walks on two legs and dressed in a punk rock getup, including a leather jacket and a blue mohawk. You can buy another skin with a completely opposite color scheme, changing Rockie's theme to red and give him a guitar. Based on his name, this raccoon is probably a fan of Rock music.

You can buy a new Red skin to equip on Rockie

Overall, Rockie's two skins can be mixed with either a leather getup or a futuristic one on your character, having both master and pet using the same theme.

2 - Skill and Usage

Rocky's "Stay Chill" skill would reduce the cooldown of your character's active skills by 15% at level 3. This is actually one of the most broken abilities yet - your character would be able to use skills much more frequently than normal. And you are able to equip up to 4 active skills at the same time, the impact of this ability is massive. DJ Alok's 45 seconds cooldown heal ability would be reduced to 38... A124's massive 60s cooldown on her heal would be reduced to 51. If you are competitive in Free Fire, getting this pet is a must.

Stay Chill at maximum level

"Stay Chill" will not affect passive abilities with cooldown like Jota's Sustained Raids, however.

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