In Battle Royales like Free Fire, most engagements would be in middle to long-range, usually out of the Shotguns' effective range... and that's why the weapon is so unpopular to gamers. However, they are actually really to use, as each shot would dish out multiple pellets that cover an area - each and every single one of them can deal extra damage on headshots.

In this guide, we would do a comparison between the three shotguns currently available in Free Fire to see which one of them is the best.

1 - SPAS 12


The most damaging weapon out of those three. While the SPAS 12 only has 97 in damage compared to the M1887 and M1014, its spread is moderately tighter. Overall, this is the "pro weapon" amongst shotguns - if you are able to hit that one shot, the enemy is probably dead. However, as it is a single shot weapon, if you miss, the enemy would have a much easier time to counter attack. This is the biggest reason why everyone avoids this gun, as it has no margin for mistakes.

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2 - M1014

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This gun is probably the most popular one in the class due to its relatively wider margin of error. With a whopping 6 bullets in the chamber, you could miss a few shots and still able to actually damage your enemy. The downside is its wider spread - you would have to stand much closer using this gun comparing to the SPAS.

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3 - M1887

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Looks like Free Fire is power creeping the new weapons a little, with the newer guns much stronger than the old ones. The M1887, despite having only 2 shots, is much stronger than the M1014. It has 100 damage, the highest damage stat in the class, and the lowest spread at 21. The best statistic, however, is the M1887's whopping 67 armor piercing. This means the gun can pretty much shred through body armor like nothing - 2 shots are pretty much enough to finish a player (if some of the pellets hit the head). If you missed the first shot, you must headshot with the second.

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