Free Fire's OB24 patch is almost here - the September update is expected to hit the live server on September 26. This is one of the biggest updates for Free Fire this year, with 2 new characters added, new weapons, map overhaul... and finally, a new pet called Rockie.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about Free Fire Rockie Pet and a comparison to the other existing pets in the game.

1 - Free Fire Rockie Pet Overview

Pet is actually an often overlook part of Free Fire - because the earlier released ones have weak abilities. However, as time pass, Free Fire has been releasing increasingly better pets, with stronger and stronger ability. From the Falcon can let you land twice as fast as your enemies, occupying hot zones immediately to the "Mr. Waggor" penguin pet can provide you with an infinite number of gloo grenades... these little guys have been changing the game, sometimes even more than the players' abilities.

Free Fire Rockie Pet
Rockie Unlocked in game

Now, Free Fire has released a truly broken pet into the game - Rockie's cooldown reduction is easily Falcon and Waggor tier, maybe even more. He might be the best pet in the game.

2 - Design of Rockie - the Raccoon pet

Rockie is an orange raccoon who walks on two legs, similar to the Marvel character "Rocket Raccoon". The little guy is dressed out in a punk rock set of clothing, including a blue mohawk and a leather jacket.

Big upgrade OB24 coming soon
Big upgrade OB24 coming soon

When leveling up, you can purchase another skin for Rockie with a completely opposite color scheme. Even his mohawk changed to black and red. The red set comes with a skeleton pattern shirt and a guitar as well - the raccoon would jump around a perform some classic guitar poses.

Even his name, "Rockie" is a dead giveaway for his time - this raccoon is probably a big fan of Rock music.

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3 - Rockie's ability "Stay Chill"

It is actually pretty weird for a hyper Rock fan to "stay chill", but looks like Rockie is definitely up for the task. "Stay Chill" is a passive skill that would reduce the cooldown of your characters' skill for 5, 10, 15 % respectively for levels 1, 2, and 3. With skills in Free Fire having massive cooldowns, a 15% reduction could make a huge difference.

Rockie's Red skin
Rockie's Red skin - it has a guitar as well

The best part about this is that a character can have up to 4 active skills - and Rockie's ability would affect all of them! Passive abilities with a cooldown like Jota's "Sustained Raids" would not be counted.

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4 - Which are the best characters to benefit from Rockie's skills?

Overall, it is best to build a skillset of 4 active abilities to get the most out of Rockie's skill. Below are some of the best characters to go with this raccoon pet.


Alok, the strongest character in Free Fire, is obviously the best one to unleash Rockie's potential. His broken ability "Drop the beat" would have its cooldown reduced from 45 to 38, giving you even more healing during the course of the game. 7 seconds seem small, but remember that for every 45 seconds passed, you would get a 7 bonus. And with the game generally last 10 minutes, that's already a lot of bonus casts.

Alok's ability in Free Fire
Alok's would get even stronger with Free Fire Rockie Pet equipped


The upcoming Sverr character would be a great candidate as well. His Berserk ability sacrifice 40 of his HP to exchange for a whopping 20% damage bonus, which is super deadly in combat. While the cooldown of that ability is already pretty low due to the HP cost, being about to use it more frequently is still a nice bonus to have.

Sverr's damage bonus is super deadly in the fights
Sverr's damage bonus is super deadly in the fights


Clu's wall-hack ability is one of the most underestimated skills in the game - and being able to spam it more would definitely help you a lot in combat. The 50s cooldown would be reduced to 41 with Rockie's ability.

Clu's wall hack could definitely use some cooldown reduction


A124's massive 60s cooldown on her healing ability is probably one of her biggest weaknesses - and Rockie's ability somewhat mitigate and drag it down to the normal level of only 51 seconds. Thrill of Battle is one of the best abilities in a 1vs1 fight - having it up faster would let you fight much more frequently.

Unlock A124 In Free Fire Shop
A124's ability is one of the strongest in Free Fire - it is the best in 1 vs 1

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