Free Fire's next big update after the 3rd-anniversary celebration is almost here - the maintenance for the patch would start at 10 AM IST and lasts for a whopping 9.5 hours, with everything back to normal at 5.30 PM IST. Prepare the storage space on your device and a wifi connection, as this patch is going to be a big one - the update would be 370 MB for Android and 500 MB for iOS.

Free Fire Ob24 Update Release Date

To download the patch, just browse for "Garena Free Fire" in the store and press the Update button as usual. In this article, we are going to list out everything you need to know about the OB24 update of Free Fire.

1 - New Gameplay Features:


The first 2 are pretty much quality-of-life update, with skills and grenades getting easier to use. The last part is probably familiar to anyone who has played other shooters - a player can crouch so that another could jump on top of him. Yes, this is now added onto Free Fire - people can now reach previously unreachable places using this method.

2 - Weapon Rebalance Adjustments


Various buffs and nerfs to weapons - the most notable change here is probably the Kar98k's Aim Assist range reduction - hitting targets would be much harder now.

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3 - New Spawn and Training island

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These new features are just fluff - they don't affect anything in the real game... but still, these features are still a nice thing to have.

4 - Language

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The game is finally available in Hindi! Looks like this has been in the work for quite a while - Garena definitely has spent a lot of resources to catch up with PUBG Mobile in the Indian market.

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5 - New Characters

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Dasha and Sverr are the two new characters in this update - Sverr's ability is pretty overpowered and that's why he's definitely the better of the two.

6 - New Guns

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The M21 Sniper Rifle and the Parafal Assault Rifle is going to be part of this update - we finally get another alternate weapon in the Sniper Rifle class. A flamethrower might also be included as well but it probably is not part of normal BR mode.

7 - Bermuda Remastered

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After a lot of hinting in Clash Squad, Bermuda remastered would finally be released for Classic BR mode.

8 - New Pet Rockie

Free Fire Rockie Pet

Rockie's cooldown reduction ability is going to break the game.

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