Free Fire's OB24 patch has just been released yesterday, bringing a lot of changes into the server - including two new characters, a new gun and various new features. Players can now download the update on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and enjoy Free Fire like normal.

Free Fire Jai
Jai was based on Hrithik Roshan

One of the more overlooked parts of the update is the balance changes - with this OB24 patch, India's first Free Fire character Jai has been massively improved. In this article, we would discuss and analyze the changes made to the skill.

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1 - "Raging Reload" buff

Previously, Jai's Raging Reload only automatically reload 10% of the magazine capacity after a kill - that's like 3 bullets for an average 30-bullets-magazine weapon... which is more or less unnoticeable. When maxed - the bonus would become 25%, which is... 8 bullets, still not a big enough number.

Jai Vs Alok Free Fire
Jai still cannot challenge DJ Alok's position as the strongest character in the game

In OB24, the numbers of the skill are buffed to 30% at the base level and 45% at the maximum level. You gain 3% for every level of this ability. It can now affect shotguns as well - before this, only ARs, SMGs and Pistols are affected by this ability.

2 - Why is this ability buffed?

The funny part is that the base level of the buffed version is higher than the max level of the previous version. According to the official patch note, this was the result of players' feedbacks - the ammo added is really insufficient to do anything. On low ammo count weapons like the MP40 or the VSS, you get like 1 bullet after a kill - totally not worth the investment.

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3 - Is Jai's skill useful now?

Yes, it definitely is - Jai's skill can even affect the shotgun now - effectively make the SPASS a 2 shot shotgun, enabling massive damage in melee range. The 13 extra bullets provided when holding an AR is definitely enough to take down another player.

76505 Jai Free Fire Cover
The event to get Jai for free ended awhile ago

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