Free Fire is known for releasing events frequently for players to join and get new skins, bundles. The Free Fire Wonder Wheel event is currently the latest event in the game, featuring the Shadow Strike bundle. In this event, you will be able to get the bundle at a great discount.

Learn about this new event and how to get the new bundle now.

Shadow Striker
Free Fire just released a new Wonder Wheel Event featuring the Shadow Striker bundle.

Free Fire Wonder Wheel Event

The Free Fire Wonder Wheel Event starts on September 27 to October 3.

The Wonder Wheel is not a part of the Luck Royale and you will find it in the event section. When you first enter the event, you can first spin to get a random number of discounts for the event. You can apply this discount to up to 3 of your spins in the Wonder Wheel.

The Wonder Wheel has a total of 8 prizes, including the Shadow Strike bundle as the grand prize. If you spin on a prize, it will be removed from the prize pool. That means you are guaranteed to get the grand prize after 8 spins. All the prizes you get will be transferred directly to your in-game inventory.

Shadow Striker 1
First, you can spin for a discount number that can be used 3 times.

Each spin will cost more than the previous spin so the best strategy is to apply the discount to the latter spins. Here are the prices of the spins:

  • 9 Diamonds
  • 19 Diamonds
  • 29 Diamonds
  • 39 Diamonds
  • 69 Diamonds
  • 99 Diamonds
  • 199 Diamonds
  • 499 Diamonds
Shadow Striker 2
The Wonder Wheel has a total of 8 prizes, including the Shadow Strike bundle.

Here is the list of prizes in the Free Fire Wonder Wheel event:

  • Shadow Strike bundle
  • Pharaoh Gun Box
  • Urban Rager Gun Box
  • Mystic Seeker SCAR Gun Box
  • Magic Cube Fragment
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • The Maniacs Parachute
  • Zombie Corpse Loot Box

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