Garena Free Fire is one of the best Battle Royale titles for the handheld platform that show consistent growth amidst the chaotic COVID-19 pandemic. It features a compact design compatible with low-end devices, a wonderful collection of characters, maps, pets, and more. The publisher also offers players an opportunity to get exclusive items among other rewards in the Luck Royale. By spending Diamonds, you can get all sorts of items in the game. Here’s our ultimate Free Fire Luck Royale Guide for you to make the most out of this microtransaction!

Luck Royale Gold Free Fire
Try your luck with the Royale spins!

The Free Fire publisher, Garena, has the tradition to introduce new skins, characters, and outfits every so often. Some of them can be acquired from the in-game store, while others are exclusive to the Luck Royale only. From the name of it, you should be able to see this microtransaction system is based entirely on RNG (Random number generator). But, before you go down swinging your Diamonds, check out our Free Fire Luck Royale Guide for some information first.

We'll take a look at this microtransaction system in Garena Free Fire, including:

  1. Diamond Royale
  2. Gold Royale
  3. Weapon Royale
  4. Incubator
  5. Character Royale

Free Fire Luck Royale Guide: Diamond Royale

Let's get to the Free Fire Diamond Royale Guide first! The Diamond Royale can be found on the top of the Luck Royale section. It rewards emotes, skins, outfit bundles, and a grand prize, among other miscellaneous items. You can gain these rewards by either by spending diamonds or using Diamond Royale Vouchers. 

Diamond Royale
Diamond Royale in Free Fire

One spin costs 60 Diamonds or 1 Diamond Royale Voucher, while you can purchase 11 spins at the price of 10. Each spin gives you 1 Luck Point, and you will get the Grand Prize at 100 points if the reward isn’t claimed. Also, remember to collect Bonus Rewards crate for weekly spins. Whether to try the luck at this spin is entirely up to you to decide. However, to conclude our Free Fire Diamond Royale Guide, get the vouchers instead of spending Diamonds. You can acquire Diamond Royale Vouchers by playing normal matches, character development, and daytime challenges.

Free Fire Luck Royale Guide: Gold Royale

Gold Royale is the best place to spend your Gold Coins stash. The Grand Prize is usually an outfit among other small prizes. Each spin costs 300 Gold Coins or 1 Gold Royale Voucher. Upon buying the 10-spin bundle, you will get one bonus turn. The spin also has the same Luck Point system as the Diamond Royale, which grants the Grand Prize at 100 points. Bonus Crates for weekly spins also up for grasp. 

Gold Royale
Gold Royale is the best place to spend your Gold Coins

Believe it or not, the Gold Royale is actually a great way to get some free items in Garena Free Fire. It's the only spin in our Free Fire Luck Royale Guide where you do not have to spend anything. Also, each player has one free draw every day in the Gold Royale, so make sure that you don't miss your chances.

Free Fire Luck Royale Guide: Weapon Royale

The Weapon Royale offers players a chance to get weapon skins among other rewards. Use Diamonds or Weapon Royale Vouchers to spin. Each turn costs 40 Diamonds or 1 Voucher, and you can get 11 turns for the price of 10. The Luck system remains the same. You get 1 point for every spin you make and the Grand Prize comes at 100 points. The weekly spin rewards can be claimed also. 

weapon royale
Get the best weapon skins in the Weapon Royale

The Weapon Royale Voucher is extremely rare to find. Therefore, if you wish to acquire the new and beautiful gun skins from this lottery spinning action, your best bet will be spending Diamonds.

Free Fire Luck Royale Guide: Incubator

This is where to find the rarest items in all of the Garena Free Fire realm. The Grand Prize items in the Incubator can not be claimed from any other sources, in other words, they are exclusive. The best thing about it is that it holds 4 Grand Prize instead of just one. Small rewards such as Evolution Stone and Blueprint are a part of what you get from the spin. You can exchange them for the Grand Prize. Each spin costs 40 Diamonds or 1 Incubator Voucher. You can buy 5 spins for 180 Diamonds or 11 spins with 10 Vouchers. It does not come with a Luck Point system. 

Rewards in the Incubator are exclusive

Though the Grand Prize looks super appealing, it's also a miracle to get with just a few spins. You can use items acquired from other Royales to trade for a turn. But still, the most efficient way to get those exclusive bundles and skins would be actually spending your Diamond stash. Stock up your inventory in top-up bonus events and wait for new Incubator prizes is not a bad investment.

Free Fire Luck Royale Guide: Character Royale

Free Fire Character Royale Guide will conclude our article today. This is the place to get newly released characters as your Grand Prizes. One spin in this Royale costs you 25 Diamonds and 11spins cost 250 Diamonds. However, vouchers aren't available here since the devs don’t like the idea of giving new characters for free. In return, The Luck Point system is available. Each turns grants you 1 point, and the character will automatically unlock upon reaching the 100-point milestone (if you're unlucky enough to not get them after 100 draws). 

Character Royale
Get the latest character Luequeta in Character Royale

When it comes to our perspective on Free Fire Character Royale Guide, it's not the best nor the worst investment of your Diamonds. If you really like the newly released characters and must have them immediately, then this RNG-based system is the only choice. Yet, you can choose to wait for them to appear in the store for an ensured purchase.

That's the end of our Garena Free Fire Luck Royale Guide as of now. All in all, this microtransaction system is pretty a lottery draw that based entirely on your luck. If you're feeling lucky and having some Diamonds just laying around, why not give it a go? Otherwise, you should be better off just investing Gold Coins in the Gold Royale for free items. Remember to check back at for more guides in Garena Free Fire!