With the new OB23 update released, a great number of changes have been implemented into Free Fire - including new characters, reruns of old game modes like Cold Steel, and more. For some, the most anticipated change was not the new character or mode - it was the luck royale upgrade.

In this article, we would list out all the new updates for Free Fire’s Luck Royale line up in this season.

1 - Diamond Royale

Maxresdefault 2

The basic cosmetic roll of the game - The Diamond Royale allows you to spin once for 60 diamonds, and for 600 diamonds, you would get 10 spins and one extra. Amongst the new rewards in this season’s Diamond Royale, “The Age of Gold” bundle is the best. After a certain number of spin, you would get extra crates.

2 - Gold Royale

Maxresdefault 4

Similar to Diamond Royale but with Gold instead - you can spin this once daily for free. Further spins would cost 300 coins for each - and for every 10 spins, you would get one extra for free. “The Navy Girl” bundle is the star of this season - you would get extra crates after a number of rolls too.

3 - Weapon Royale

Weapon Royale 1024x576

The rules are the same as the previous 2 bundles, but this one cost only 40 diamonds for a spin. The spoils are weapon skins only, with the grand prize being the “Groza-Great Plunder”

4 - Incubator Royale

Incubator Royale 1024x576

This is a limited spin series that would disappear after awhile - the special thing about Incubator is that the drop roster is small - if you get the rare item, it would certainly be the weapon on the banner. 40 diamonds for one roll.

5 - Soccer Royale

Maxresdefault 5

Another event-exclusive spin - players can get soccer jerseys here. Besides those items, the drop list also includes memory fragments. The rate is the same as normal diamond royale, however.

6 - Character Royale

Maxresdefault 6

A special spin in order to give you a chance to get the new character in-game for cheap. The grand prize this time is Luqueta, with the other items in the drop list being memory fragments and even other characters. One spin in this banner would cost you 25 diamonds, with the rules being the same as the other spins.

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