Free Fire has just announced a collaboration with a show called Money Heist on Netflix. The event is named Money Heist and it is going to kick off on Sept 2020, featuring outfits, guns, cars, and many more skins based on the show’s theme. A 4v4 game mode based on the event would also be added to Free Fire.

In this article, we would list out every new skin additions to the event and details about the new Money Heist mode.

1 - New "Money Heist" mode

Money Heist would be a squad-based arcade mode 4 vs 4. In this mode, players of both teams would have to pick up as many banknotes on the map as possible, while shooting players from the other team. Whichever team managed to reach the goal limit first would be the winner. In the case no team managed to get enough money when time runs out, the one with more notes would win.

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This event would be one of the most unique ever released in Free Fire

The money notes are placed inside "Money Presses" that are scattered all over the map. This implies those notes are fake money. Overall, this mode is similar to Call of Duty Mobile's style of Arcade modes, in which players often have to do quests all over the map.

2 - New themed skins

The various new skins from this event

From the image above, we can see two backpacks, P90 and AKM skins, character and pet skins, surfboard and parachute... and these are not even everything that is going to be included in this event. For images of each item, please check out the following video.

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