Free Fire has just released a brand new event named "Team Up For 3volution" in which you could get free rewards by collecting Blue Token through quests and exchange them. In this article, we would list out every requirement you need to complete this event. Team Up For 3volution only lasts for a little bit more than one week, from August 3 to August 11, so you better do it now before time runs out.

1 - How to get tokens?

There are two ways to earn blue tokens for this event: Countdown Missions and Daily Missions.

Free Fire Team up for 3volution Event

The daily missions include:

  • Daily Login – 2 Token
  • Complete 1 Game – 2 Token
  • Complete 3 Games – 2 Token
  • Complete 6 Games – 2 Token
Maxresdefault 2
The menu for invite code

Besides the 2 tokens from the daily games - you would earn an extra 1 token if the friend you are teaming up with completes them. The countdown missions are not here yet - they would be unlocked in 3 days, on August 9. This is part of the countdown to Free Fire's 3rd year anniversary event - you can get a lot of extra tokens by completing these events so even if you are somewhat slow now, it is still possible to get all the rewards.

2 - How to team up with your friend?

Use the "Invite Friends" button on the event page to generate a code - you need to share it with your friend and after he activates it, you would be teamed up together. After receiving your code, your friend only needs to tap on the "Join Team" button, input the code and activate.

Maxresdefault 1
Token Redeem shop

To redeem the rewards for this event, you only need to go to the "Exchange Store" at the bottom of the screen, pick a reward on the list and buy them with tokens. Below are the available goodies on the shop:

  • Token (x3) – Scan
  • Token (x5) – Gold Royale Voucher
  • Token (x10) – MGL140 Gun Box
  • Token (x20) – P90 Gun box
  • Token (x60) – Character Lvl 4 Card

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