Free Fire’s Clash Squad mode is one of the most popular arcade mode in the game, with the mode being super competitive with its own ranked system. In this mode, you have to buy guns instead of picking them up, so knowing which gun to buy is the key to win.

In this article, we would list out the best guns that the player should consider using while playing Clash Squad Ranked.

1 – AN94

The lowest cost AR in this mode – you can get your hand on the AN94 with only $1200. The weapon is in the middle of the pack amongst all ARs, with decent range, low recoil, ok damage, and fire rate. If you want to save money for something else, it is best to stick with the AN94 for a while.

You have to buy weapons tactically

2 – MP5

With a lot of the combat in this mode happening in close to middle range, the MP5 is probably the best budget choice. It is the cheapest SMG at $1300 – bringing to the table great damage, fast fire rate and reload speed. You can engage in combat constantly. The weakness of the gun is its range, of course, so don’t try to snipe with it.

3 – Thompson

Another cheap alternative to the MP5 – the Thompson has slightly higher output but is harder to handle than the MP5, as it has an even lower range. The best feature of the gun is that it is cheap, of course – you only need $1400 to acquire this weapon


The Thompson and AN94 combo

The second AR on the list, with the same cost as the AN94, at $1200. The FAMAS is rather tricky to use due to its burst fire mode, which only fires 3 bullets at a time and not full auto. However, if you know how to use this weapon, just get another pistol to bolster your extra damage, and you are set.

5 – M500

The M500 has long-range, huge damage, and is super cheap at $400. However, its drawback is pretty severe – the gun has high recoil and only 5 bullets in its magazine. This gun could work great as a sidearm for long-range attacks if you are going out with something like the MP5.

Spare some money for vests and helmets is pretty important

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