Free Fire’s OB 23 update is finally here, with various new features, additions and improvements on all aspects of the game. One of the most exciting additions amongst them is probably the introduction of the new penguin pet, Mr. Waggor. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the pet and how it would affect the game.

1 – Appearance

Maxresdefault 2
Everything you need to know about the new penguin pet

Mr. Waggor the Penguin is designed like a normal penguin, wearing a set of wool hats and scarves. This is actually pretty weird, as penguin lives in the south pole and have literally no need to keep themselves warm, as their body is already designed against the cold. Waggor was originally a test subject in a lab, but due to his cuteness, he was saved from that fate.

2 – Ability

This is the second pet that comes equipped with an ability that affects the Gloo Walls. However, unlike Robo, which increases the HP of created Gloo Walls, Mr. Waggor gives you a Gloo Wall Grenade instead. Waggor cost 500 diamonds, lower than other top tier pets.

Mr. Waggor in the Shop

The ability is named “Smooth Gloo”, which would give the owner of the pet a Gloo Grenade every 120/110/100 seconds if they have less than 1/1/2 Gloo Wall Grenades in their inventory. This ability would be super useful in the latter part of the game when players run out of Gloo Wall grenades.

Maxresdefault 1
Smooth Gloo ability at max level

The extra grenades would provide a lot of tactical options – players caught outside of covers using this pet would always have an emergency Gloo Grenade to shield themselves from damage. You can expect to see much more Gloo Grenades in combat now, especially in Squad Mode. A well placed Gloo Wall could cover a retreat or block enemies from escape.

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