Free Fire’s team-based mode Clash Squad was getting more and more popular with players, with its competitive gameplay similar to a traditional shooter. Garena has introduced Rank Mode to Clash Squad in OB22 update, and today, with OB23 hitting the global server, season 2 of Clash Squad Ranked has begun

1 – General Details

Clash Squad Ranked

Clash Squad Ranked season 2 would start at 14:30 IST, July 30 and would last about 2 months. The new update with various new content like pet, characters, gun and item is going to affect Clash Squad significantly, especially the Revive Kit Horizaline. The stats for Clash Squad would now be displayed under the player’s profile in this season.

2 – Exclusive rewards

The new reward of Clash Squad Season 2

Similar to the previous season, players would get various exclusive rewards as they rank up in Clash Squad. Season 1’s Ranked reward was the Golden Eagle – it is going to be changed into the Golden G18 in Season 2. To get the exclusive ranked reward weapon, you need to hit at least Gold 2 or above any time in the season.

3 – Aim Assist Improvement

Free Fire has overhauled its Aim Assist feature. Currently, if two enemy players are close together and one gets downed, Aim Assist would home into the downed player instead of focusing on the player who’s actually alive, leading to some unfortunate defeat. This issue would be solved in season 2 of Clash Squad – players would now be able to focus down the remaining enemies.

4 – New Revive Kit

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The new revive item would open up a lot of new strategies

In Clash Squad, due to the constant battles, some people usually just leave downed teammates to die instead of wasting time on reviving them and risk getting killed. The OB23 update has added a new item called Horizaline, which would revive the player holding it when downed. The revived player would have 100 HP. This kit is going to be the Classic Clash Squad exclusive… for now – it would be too overpowered in normal mode.

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