Free Fire OB23 Patch is going to hit the global server tomorrow - with various balance changes and new additions. In this article, we would list out all of them and provide some strategy analysis about the new elements in the next update.

1 - Luqueta

Luqueta's ability is Hat Trick, which increases his max HP after every kill by 8/10/12/14/16/18, up to the maximum limit of 35. At level 1, it would take 4 kills to get the full benefits of the skill... while at level 6, you would only need 2. Max HP increase is a very powerful ability, as in Free Fire everything is designed around having 200 HP. A character with the maxed bonus of Hat Trick might even be able to shrug off a headshot from a DMR or Sniper Rifle, as they only deal about 200 damage.

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Luqueta would be the best character of this patch

Balancing is probably the reason that Luqueta's release was delayed, as the character was revealed quite a few patches ago - it is very likely that they find the guy too much to handle. The previous version's bonus HP was 50 max.

According to the beta version, Luqueta has only 3 skill slots -  it is best to get his skill on other characters with 4 slots.

2 - Hayato Firebrand

Free Fire Hayato Awaken 2
Hayato Firebrand would focus on melee combat

Hayato's alternate persona "Firebrand" comes with a different ability - Art of blades. This active skill would reduce a whopping 40% damage received from the front for 3 seconds... however, firing a weapon would remove the bonus. What is the point of having an ability that gets stopped when you use a gun? Well, based on its name, it is very likely that using a melee weapon is still allowed. The usage of this ability is probably for surprise melee camping in a small room - you can just wait inside a room, activate the ability when the enemy walks in and slice away.

3 - Mr. Waggor Penguin Pet

This Mr. Waggor Penguin Pet is a tactical tool that automatically provides Gloo Grenade: 1 every 120 - 100 seconds. You can expect to see much more Gloo Grenades in combat now, especially in Squad Mode. Usually, at the mid to late part of the game, people would neglect looting and focus on fighting, which leads to Gloo Grenades being less used. A well placed Gloo Wall could cover a retreat or block enemies from escape.

Novo Pet Free Fire Dom Pisante A3cd
This penguin would be a great tool in squad matches

4 - Game Mode Changes

Free Fire has removed Weapon Presets from Kill Secured, TDM, Rampage, as the 4 sets of weapons it provided were too restrictive. Players would now be able to buy weapons with credits provided every round - and they can pick whatever they want every time they revive. Overall, this should have been included a long time ago.

5 - Buff to weaker weapons

The XM8 was nerfed a little

Various unpopular and hard to use weapons like the AK, FAMAS, M249, SPAS has been buffed up. These weapons are somewhat hard to use and underpowered, and because of that, players usually opt for easier options in the same class. The biggest spotlight is probably the buff for AK - players who are already using them would be much more dangerous.

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